Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Malcolm Christ, The Christ-Men, and Rated Christ Movies

Ah, she's using the Dirrty Dictionarry, I see.

I'm off now to see The Count of Monty Xo, read my Pooh book about Xopher Robin, Xten a boat, and of course try to obtain the power Xal (oh, wait, that doesn't work).


You'd think it would be "Xina," but she actually spells it "Xtina." Itt musst bbe thatt cooll doubble conssonant thinng aggain.

Merrrry Christtmas everryone!

Monday, December 23, 2002

Merry Christina Aguileramas

Isn't it Xina? It's partially the way that I crappily saved it as a jpg, at a very low resolution or whatever.

Merry Crimble to everyone. Hope everything's all crimbly all around.

Crimble Crumble.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Merry Christmas, kids

Monday, December 16, 2002


They misspelled her name, too.

I haven't seen the actual magazine, so maybe it's just the scan... But is that a painting from a photograph, or a photo that's been so heavily airbrushed/altered that it might as well be a painting?

Saturday, December 14, 2002

They Misspelled Dirrty

Friday, December 13, 2002

A Post
By Jason B. Bell

I think that I shall never see
A post as lovely as a tree
Because posts are just pieces of wood
Cut from trees and rounded or squared off
And are used to support or hang things on
Like fences and telephone wires
And structural supports for buildings
And for flyers saying work at home for $$$
And advertising generic viagra pills
And ninja lessons and stuff,
While trees are pretty and have leaves
And some even have flowers
Unless it's some kind of sickly,
Dead-looking tree
Then a post might be as lovely or more than that tree
But even that awful tree
That Charlie Brown picked for Christmas
Could be made lovely in the end.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Finally, a New Post
I check the blog every day and was so tired of seeing the same old Calvinism post (clever title, by the way) that I decided I'd just make my own post.

C'mon jobby
Things are pretty good here in Austin, still no job yet, but I've got high hopes for this one job that I interviewed for last week. There will be a second round of interviews in the next couple of weeks, but from what everyone in the know has said, they probably won't hire anyone until after Christmas. So, all of you who hope I get a job, keep your fingers crossed.

Freelancing it
I'm doing some freelance work for a local businessman, mostly internet work. I'm also freelance editing. I've already been given four books to work on. I've finished one and am about to review the revision. It's called "A Town Where Lights Are Blue," and it's supposed to be out this January. The book I'm editing now is more interesting, but I'm not sure when that's going to be out.

So, between the freelance work and making all of my Christmas presents this year, I'm keeping pretty busy.

And, I'm patiently waiting for "The Two Towers" to arrive. I believe that Rusty and I will be there opening night with our free tickets. Yay for the Lord of the Rings.

By the way, for those of you who were worried, Noby Nobriga is indeed alive. I spoke to him myself. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Glad you're not dead, Noby."

Peanut Gallery
Now, let's have posts from you all.

Monday, December 02, 2002


I saw the famous Calvin Johnson in Austin this past weekend. He's the guy from Beat Happening, The Halo Benders, and Dub Narcotic Sound System (as well as recently being a solo artist) and the founder of K Records for those not in the know... one of my musical heroes and personages of like mind.

As I was paying my cover, I heard a deep voice saying "I'm playing here tonight" to the guy at the door, and it was Calvin and I turned around and smiled and said "Hey" and then he smiled and said "Hey." I later got to talk to him when I bought a 45 of the new Dub Narcotic Sound System single (guess I'll buy a record player eventually) and got him to sign it. He said, "Good choice." And then after the show I took a picture of him and me together, one of those extended arm pictures. Cause I'm all fanny like that.

Calvin's very nice and approachable, unlike my major musical hero, Stephin Merritt.

Many group-based people released solo stuff this year: Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields, etc.), Calvin Johnson, Doug Martsch (Built To Spill), and Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) if you count Ugly Cassanova, but I guess I don't.

Other Thanksgiving fun: hanging out with Liza, Nyleva, Eric, and Athena... eating lots of food and turkey... playing Acquire (the kickenest ass game, up there with Monopoly and Buffy) and winning... watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings with Liza (who almost watched it again the next day she luuvs it so much, but instead she just bought it)... getting hard-to-find movies at the I Love Video store (Errol Morris's [i]Gates of Heaven[/i], which I almost payed 30 bucks for on Ebay just to see it; and Peter Jackson's [i]Meet the Feebles[/i] and [i]Forgotten Silver[/i]), cause Austin is cool like that... thrifting through thriftystuffs... seeing too much SNL... seeing [i]Aliens[/i] for the first time since early college... oh, and losing at Trivial Pursuit.


Monday, November 25, 2002

Which is it?

From a box of Lean Cuisine Spaghetti with Meatballs:

"Roasted and seasoned meatballs in a chunky tomato sauce accented with basil and mushrooms. Served with a side of freshly-made spaghetti."

So... is it really Spaghetti with Meatballs or is it actually supposed to be Meatballs with Spaghetti?

Monday, November 18, 2002


The same thing happened to me with Encyclopedia Brown. Damn him!
With Thanksgiving coming up soon, there's something I want to say:

I'm thankful to live in a place where, if someone contracts a mysterious illness that the doctors aren't familiar with, that it wouldn't automatically be assumed to be caused by a magical cartoon villain.

(And those idiots can't even get their imaginary cartoon character mind-control diagnosis right! If it had been the character mentioned in the article, the boys would clearly have become unstoppable killing machines with "M"-shaped markings on their foreheads. Don't they know anything?!? Geez!)

Monday, November 11, 2002

Recent Dream:

It was the beginning of my freshman year of college. The school in my dream was all one big building/complex--some kind of strange combination of a school, hotel, office building, and shopping mall. It was a really nice place, and located in some kind of big scenic valley with a lake nearby. I was looking around the place, familiarizing myself with the surroundings while lugging around a couple of suitcases as I looked for my dorm room. After finding my room and dropping off my things, I went off to find my high school friend who was also going to be attending this school. She was a combination of Willow Rosenberg from Buffy and my real-life high school & college friend Janice, and I think we may have been dating or having some kind of flirtation going on. The school also had a warehouse-type section, where we went snooping around the loading docks after hearing stories of an evil mummy that had come to life and was lurking around there.

Poochie Lives

Commercials for kids' stuff can be really horrible examples of marketing drone faux-hipness. There's this macaroni and cheese commercial with this totally-radical-to-the-extreme "Maxaroni" character that's so much like Poochie it's frightening.

"Yo! Icee Maker's in the house!"

Thursday, November 07, 2002

DVD City

The day was 12 November, 2002. Three huge DVDs were being released. Star Wars II, Lord of the Rings Extended, and South Park Season One.

I went ahead and ordered them all. I found a coupon for CDNow at cdshopper.cjb.net that takes 15% off (I also had some credit there). It ended up costing a lot less than if I were to zip into Best Buy or something, especially since CDNow costs less anyway.

For those getting South Park, if you don't know, Comedycentral.com is offering a free 5 CD set of the audio commentary for the shows. You only pay for shipping. The Man didn't want to release their dirty talk as part of the DVDs, so the boys are being nice about it and letting us have it by other means. I assume we just have to listen to them (since it's CDs), but I guess we could play the CDs at the same time as the episodes if we want to follow along.

For those getting Star Wars... Yoda Man.

The Lord of the Digital Video Discs.

Monday, November 04, 2002


My new album Plagiarism is online for downloading and streaming until Christmas here. But, wait, it's not just an album: it's a game!

The idea behind the album was to write original songs in the style of existing artists, so the game is to guess which artist I was plagiarising. So far Tommy Burton is in the lead, getting 9 right, and Liza Marshall in second place with 7.

Who will get all twelve? Who, who, who?

I haven't seen the Star Wars DVD yet, but I'll be looking for it. What's funny is that they're still using the faux-hip terms of like ten years ago. Apparently, no one watched the "Where's Poochie?" episode of The Simpsons.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

The Power of Advertising

I was planning on getting the Attack of the Clones DVD. (Well...at least after The Fellowship of the Ring extended version and Spider-Man and Babylon 5 and G Gundam and the MST3K boxset and South Park and Cowboy Bebop Best Sessions and the new volumes of Excel Saga and Dai-Guard and all the other billions of great DVDs it seems are being released this month) Then I saw the tv ad they're running for it:

"Who da man?"
"Yo-da man!"

Intellectually, I know that it's just a stupid ad that shouldn't have any real effect on whether I want this movie on DVD. Emotionally, though, it's actually managed to sour me on it. Were they trying to deliberately create an ad campaign to decrease interest in the movie?

On a similar note, those Wal-Mart ads with "in-yo-face!" type guys who are so overenthusiastic they must be on some kind of serious stimulants... they manage to somehow make the Spider-Man movie--and the DVD format as a whole--seem a lot less cool.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

New Phrase

A phrase I dreamed last night. I suggested something to some guy, and his way of saying "I'm with ya" or whatever was to say "Okay, I can put my worm on that hook."

Thursday, October 24, 2002

I'll Give This One a Title

I don't know if that was a Freudian slip on my part or what, but of course the real line is a little less conversation, a little more action. D'oh is me.

Used music stores are the best things ever. They have one in Austin that was actually so overwhelming in its largeness that I just had to walk away and prepare myself to come back when I had five hours and a pocketful of money.

You've seen The Ring? Now you have to die.

48 hour film project? Hey, that's how long it took to make our first full-length!

We'd have to worry about you if you liked Nirvana better than Pavement even before seeing the documentary. The only thing that Nirvana did was help make mainstream radio a little more tolerable for a few years (though not necessarily with their songs). I'll have to see this documentary. Is it as good as Meeting People Is Easy?

The Blob

...Speaking of Blobs, I've gone overboard. Too much Elvis and a lot less other stuff. I'm ODing on this stuff. It must be in Graceland's water. For somebody that wasn't too big an Elvis fan a few months back, I certainly have quite a bit of it.


I wathed Slow Century, the new Pavement documentary. I can officially say that I like Pavement better than Nirvana, as far as "important 90s bands" go. I stilll have all the groovy videos and concerts to enjoy. The actual documentary is really good, though. Pavement brings the good.

So, what's up with all this?

Tommy Blob

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I want a little more conversation and action too! Instead, all I get is writing (work) and unpacking (home). This is no good.

So I was in Berkeley for some conference, and man, they have some *amazing* used music stores over there. Like if you're ever there you should go to this place called Amoeba which has just so many albums you wouldn't believe. Oh, and Rasputin Records. I bought too many things of course. Which sucks because now I'm a partial homeowner and stuff so I have these mortgage payment thingies. (I'm adding thingies so as not to sound too adult, which is something I fear. Sounding too adult, I mean.)

I was supposed to see Spirited Away with a friend, but we both bailed on each other last week. Maybe this week. Instead, I've indulged in my love of dark awfulness, and watched The Ring and Das Experiment.

Speaking of 24-hour comics (and in light of the oncoming nanowrimo), you all seen the 48 Hour Film Project? Seems like something you'd be into.
Hey, I didn't even know the official Jason B. Bell website was open again...

Tommy needs to learn how to paragraph. This is the Blog, Tommy, not the Blob.

I pick on Tommy only because we're lovers. He needs to get in the bed with me.

I think it's funny that Tommy's buying Dressy Bessy and Pavement albums while I'm buying Bob Dylan. Something has flip-flopped in the universe.

I'm also thinking about buying Led Zeppelin albums. How's that for crazy?

And I know what I want to do my first (real) documentary on: sleep paralysis. I'll just put up posters describing it and see if anyone wants to talk about their creepy experiences on camera. I've gotta do some DIY documentary research first, about things like release forms and stuff, just in case I wanna take it to Cannes or Sundance or something later and become famous for something completely different, so that people can say things like "Why's that movie guy trying to write a book?"

Two things I want: (1) a little more conversation, (2) a little more action.

Kingsley Pres.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

New and exciting, kinda...
Well, in the spirit of new stuff being posted, I'll post too. Jason, you know you're always welcome to hang in Memphis whenever you like. I will be here. I'll even go to the movie with you.
Okay, I've been on a CD buying spree. I've got too much crap that I'll never get caught up on. Some of it, the brand new stuff, has been reviewed on We Like Media, so head over to my CD review page for those. As for the rest, here's the run down:
Yeah, I'm a sucker. I've been getting those new Rolling Stones reissues. In my defense, though, they sound unbelievable. I sort of picked one up as a test. I thought that I'd get one of my all time faves (Aftermath) and just see how good it sounded. Well, "Paint It Black" came springing out of the speakers and I knew that I was gonna be spending alot of money. The nice thing about the first run of these discs is that they are hybrids, consisting of a normal CD and the other layer is a Super Audio CD. Maybe I won't have to buy these damn albums again. Did I mention that they sound fantastic? So far, I've got Aftermath, Between The Buttons (UK), Their Satanic Majesties Request, Beggar's Banquet, and Let It Bleed.
In the used bin, I ran across some Bob Dylan I needed. I'm planning on having every Dylan album and I'm really almost done, believe it or not. I picked up Street Legal, Infidels, Empire Burlesque, and Dylan and the Dead (That's the Grateful ones, for those not in the know.).
I not only work for Elvis, but I buy his music, too. I had to grab up a few of his from work as RCA being the geniuses they are, are pulling some of these titles off the market. How many times can we repackage Elvis and squeeze the bucks out of fans? Anyway, I got Elvis Is Back, Pot Luck, and Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old). These three are leaving, so, if you need some Elvis and want these records, get them while they last. I also got the three disc special edition of That's The Way It Is. Amazingly good period for E. I also couldn't resist the box set called Live In Vegas. Elvis is King, alright.
I found two Marvin Gaye CDs on sale for 6.99 at Cat's. I can't resist super sales. And I really dig Marvin. I got I Want You, which the front cover is the painting as seen on the hit TV show Good Times. I haven't listened to this yet, so I have no idea. The other one I got was a curious LP called Here, My Dear. The story behind this was that Marvin was going through a nasty divorce from Anna Gordy (Motown boss Berry Gordy's sister) and the judge ruled that all the advances and royalties from his next LP would go to her. At first he wanted to just record a bunch of crap and became inspired to something really good. He recorded this very persoanl album of love and lost love and whatnot. It's strange, at best. The back cover features two hands reaching across a fake Monopoly board called "Judgement." The male hand is handing a record to the female hand. Under the male hand is a tape machine and a piano and under her hand is a car and money and a house. People are looking in the window. Anyway, it's heavy shit.
I managed to grab up the first two White Stripes records because I like the White Stripes. They are The White Stripes and De Stijl.
I got a record by an indie guy called David Wolfenberger. It's called Tales From Thom Scarecrow. It's a really good folk/pop type stuff. I saw him palying with Victoria Williams and Mark Olson a couple of weeks ago in Memphis and thought he was really good. Also at that show, I picked up Zola and the Tulip Tree by The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers, which is Mark and Victoria.
As for the rest, I got Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane's Rough Mix, because I like Ronnie and Pete. I got the reissue of Love's Forever Changes, which is a pretty important album. I got Dressy Bessy's first one, Pink Hearts Yellow Moons, and Bob Seger's Night Moves, which was a childhood fave.
Well, now that I've bored you all with my music ramblings, I will let someone else indulge. I just felt the need to chronicle all this record buying somewhere...
How's that for a new post?
Something New

There. I wrote it.

But, seriously, I haven't been in much of a mood for thinking up things to write down lately. I need to though. So, I'll just post a list of things I want to do:

I want to make plans for a road trip soon to go see Spirited Away, since it's now playing in Memphis and New Orleans. Unfortunately, my car's only plans right now are for a trip to the shop. That's, like, a couple of months or so of having it and not having any trouble with it or getting stranded anywhere in it until today. It's the best car I've ever had!

I want to do a 24-hour comic. It seems like something that'd be a good exercise for me, and perhaps something I need to try. It's just a matter of preparing for it, setting aside the time, gathering materials, and feeling up to a marathon of drawing. I want to try to do it sometime in the next week or two.

I want to plug the LunchBots Store here, since I haven't plugged it here yet.

I want to mention for anyone who hasn't noticed it yet, that the LunchBots Movie Production Diary lives on in the form of the LunchJournal, which has likely stolen away some of my attention from the Robot. I'm sorry, Robot.

I want a million dollars.

I want to find something media-related that will inspire me to write an article about it for We Like Media. Or maybe think of something to write about something I've already seen/read/heard/whatevered.

I want to see Steph in person again so we can get caught up on all those real-life hugs we've missed over the years.

I want to wish the Robot a belated happy birthday:

Saturday, October 19, 2002

New Topic

I got tired of looking at that (admittedly funny) topic over and over, so here's something new.

My dad's going to be here anytime now because he's insane.

I bought some new reccos at the used recco sto. Morphine's Cure for Pain (slowing re-building my Morphine collection--long story), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the original version (hoorah!), Danny Elfman's Music for a Darkened Theater Volume Two (I had volume one on tape, but now I gotta get it on CD so I don't look like a half-wit), and Bob Dylan's Bob Dylan, to help begin my 60s revolution. I'm adding Bob to my list of 60s artists whose albums I will buy. Right now it's The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, and Simon and Garfunkle (all of their stuff) along with some select things from The Beach Boys and, um, that may be it--and that Phil Spector box set I've been wanting. Since The Mnemonic Devices wouldn't exist without him anyway.

That's all. Thank me now. Or better yet, you write something new.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Red Draggin' My Butt Out To See This Movie

I saw Red Dragon. It wasn't bad, it may have even technically been approaching "good," but for some reason I thought it would be important or worthy or something. Instead, it was just something we've seen before (the three previous Hannibal-based movies) all rolled into one inferior ball. Read my review on We Like Media.

I'm going to see Stealing Harvard soon to wash it down.

Oh, and the cell phone rate around here for theaters is one cell phone ring every eight minutes. I simply don't understand that. I also don't understand why we have to pay five to ten dollars to watch TV commercials on the big screen for fifteen minutes before movies. Or why people in the audience seem to enjoy them.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Yo Yo Yo

Wow, happy birthday to the robot. Don't forget, Tommy: "Poor Omnibus 1800s. It's only on a one cent stamp."

About Tommy's offer. I already have, Steph... I already have...

I got real paid today, so in addition to getting the big burrito, I also got Beck. You like the album cover, but which one? I saw two. I bought the one with pink on the back, where you can see Beck's face better. I sat comparing them for five minutes before deciding. What's the deal with multiple covers these days? I think TV Guide started that a few years ago, when they'd put out four different covers for one week. They did it for The Beatles once.

I almost bought the Weezer EP in Austin, but I held off. I'll probably get it soon. I was like, "Eh, live... I can wait." I like that they named it after C.S. Lewis though (if they did).

Potty Stump.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

hey hey hey

Jason--Thank you for the virtual hug on livejournal. I really needed that. Hugs back.

Tommy--you are too flattering. ;) Conversation with you was a pleasure. But I'm in DC, now, not Boston. *Sigh.*

Rusty--You should take Tommy up on his offer. Whatever he meant.

Everyone I haven't met in person--I'd like to meet you some day! Maybe in the future, when enough good bands go to Austin at the same time and we can all meet and go to concerts together. How swell would that be?

Aside--Ooh, I've heard bits of Preston School of Industry too, it's very good. But this is my favorite album lately: Thought for Food, by The Books, a band I only read reviews of because I liked its name. I dunno why, but the album really grabs me. Especially the song Motherless Bastard. Though, um, I'm not sure that the blurb on the page I was sending ya'll to makes much sense.
Happy Late Birthday, Blog.

We've been blogging here for over a year. Happy Birthday, Robot. Our happy gang has changed a bit and most of us are different locations, but we're here. I'm glad that we are, too. This is a happy little blogger, I must say. And we've said some nice things about each other, too. Well, I'm always up for updates...

Jason Bell...You have indeed made many a trip to Memphis in the last year. I'm glad you have/did. You are a good friend to have. I do like your artwork alot and I hope you keep me around for a little while longer.

Liza...That Burger King site still rules. I hate that you are in Austin and miles away, but I know that's where you need to be. Your Popeye figure and humor will always have a special place in my heart. I love you.

Stephanie...You are the smartest person I have ever known. Rephrase: You are the smartest person who has ever humored me by having a conversation with me. You have the bestest smile and I know that Boston is a brighter place because of your presence.

Rusty...you are, Teela. Poof poof. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, nobody told me it was train. In the beginning...NGAWD. You can come over to my house for the weekend. Why don't you get in the bed with me? I'll be your daddy...your sugar daddy. Diddy getcha diddy? You don't need to be no baby's daddy; that baby's mine. Yethir. Giddy gitchaw geedir getty bikkit. Sounds like a wonner to me. I should like a basket of sheeps. Why don't you eat a candro bar out of my ass? And maybe a Doctro Pepper. And we're waiting for some calls...

Thursday, September 26, 2002

I Have the Power!

You think you're an idiot? You are, Teela.

I thought there was only one season of The Young Ones. Like six episodes. Guess I was wrong. Rick was always my favorite, the anarchist.

Beck. Beck rhymes with paycheck, which is when I'll get the new Beck album. I heard he was some sort of a songwriter, yes. And Weezer also too. If it were a real album, I'd have just sold my blood or something, but I can wait on a live track EP.

I have yet to get all the Pavement spinoffs, but I'll get the Preston School soon. I wanna compare Spiral Stairs to S.M. Jenkins. I like Stephen Malkmus's record the more I hear it, oddly. It's one of the few "catchy" albums that get better with age. It's a neat trick. The first time, it was like, "Eh, it's catchy enough, but catchy can only last so long," but then it's like the "deepness" of the catchiness grew with each listen. That's magic, baby.

Anyone play The Sims around here? I do, I do.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I don't sleep, I dream...

...I wish. I thought I had many interesting things to say now, but I have discovered that I am an idiot and really have nothing right now. I'll post anyway, just because you all love to hear from me once on a while.

I am collecting the new He-Man and The Masters of the Universe figures. This is something I grew up with and I like the new series and toys. I'm going to try to get them all.

I got The Young Ones on DVD. So far, I've only watched Series One, but will see Series Two by the end of the week. I loved this show when it aired on MTV in the mid 80s, although I had no idea what it was on about. I've always seemed to have an attraction for all things British, but do not share the love of Monty Python like so many of my American brethren. I like them, but they are just not the only British comedy to be seen. Then there's Benny Hill...My affintity for jolly old Elngland was proven today at work when I noticed a fellow's John Ottway shirt. He was bowled over that I actually knew who John was. I'll let you look that one up on your one, if you're interested.

The new Beck record has impressed me, so far. Beck is a songwriter, in case you didn't know. Expect a full review on We Lie Media very soon. I was also lucky enough to get the new live Weezer ep. It's funny and good. Weezer rocks. Back to Beck: I really like the cover. Speaking of covers, I picked up a CD this weekend based solely on the cover. It's Preston School of Industry. The name of the record is All This Sounds Gas. My next question: Rusty, why don't you have this? Go out and get it. It brings the good. And if Rusty already owns this, then good. Two words: Spiral Stairs.

Have fun, kiddies.
I am feeling nostalgic for the days when I only posted pictures.

Monday, September 23, 2002

another scary dream

Last night, I dreamt I had a mullet.

(No offense, o mulleted ones. It's just So. Not. Me.)

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Weird, but pretty typical considering it was a dream.

I had a dream that one of my students was pelting me with small, round dinner rolls. I was covered with syrup so the dinner rolls stuck to me. I responded by squirting my student in the face with yellow mustard. I was very upset. At the end of the dream, I found my brother in bed, tangled in blue sheets, covered in blood. My mother lurked in the corner, crying. I still had dinner rolls all over me.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

i had a weird dream too

So I was dreaming that my roommate (who kept morphing between my roommate now, and one of my former roommates) and I were moving into our new house. My roommate let a police officer in to interrogate one of his suspects, who was mob connected or something, somehow we both knew. The officer needed our basement, for some reason. So showed him down.

After awhile, my roommate and I were wondering what happened to him, because we hadn't heard from him in awhile. My roommate went downstairs and screamed. She ran up and said she found the officer's dead body, stuffed into my iguana's new big cage.

I was too scared to go down. My biggest fear is being framed for a murder I didn't commit.

It was not a terribly good dream.

Friday, September 20, 2002

I Got Shot

I guess that theory about you not being able to die in your own dreams isn't true, since I got killed in mine the other day.

Some dude pulled up outside my folks' house and asked where my parents were, and I said inside, and he kind of smiled and said he guessed I didn't know what he was there for and I said no, and he said, "Let's just say, someone's getting these handcuffs, and someone else is getting this gun," and he pulled out a gun. Then he walked inside the house.

It took me a while to process that he wanted to rape Mom and murder Dad, but when I did I ran inside straight for him as if I were going to knock him down or something. I think I had my fist out in front of me as if to punch him in the stomach, but then he shot me directly in the heart. I remember thinking first, "I'm dying. I thought this wouldn't happen," and that sort of rejection of the facts that I imagine always happens when someone gets shot, and then I thought, "How selfish of me. I wasn't trying to save my parents. I just didn't want to see them hurt, and now they have to see me hurt and get hurt themselves." And then I died. And didn't wake up. The dream went on to something else after.

So, a fun dream. It wasn't scary or horrible, believe it or not. It didn't hurt much either.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

For those who love Buffy more than me, I offer this, from my e-mail box:

Call for Papers: The Buffyverse pre and post Millennium (10/12/02)

Contributions are sought for an edited edition of critical essays to be published in The Refractory, an e-journal from the University of Melbourne, Australia's Cinema Studies School in January 2003. The collection will seek to explore the aesthetic (style, performative modes), cultural (apocalyptic themes, magik, supernatural), social (teen, mall life) political (feminist, critique of American life) themes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including the musical episode, and spin off series Angel, and related industry products and people. Critical essays arguing against Buffy and her universe are welcome, as are fan invested critiques.

The Refractory is a peer-reviewed electronic publication that develops research into, and theoretical analysis of, the contemporary cinema, television, and new media and its connections to earlier cinema traditions, optical devices and technologies.

Essays should be between 3000-6000 words in length. Submissions are encouraged to make creative use of html format, otherwise should follow MLA guidelines. The deadline for completed essays is December 10, 2002.

Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words to the editor via email by October 12, 2002:

Felicity J.Colman
Cinema Studies
School of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology
The University of Melbourne Victoria 3010 Australia

Friday, September 13, 2002

A GREAT band name...

I think From Tonight is a great band name. Who wants to join From Tonight?

Tommy Bandman
I wish they all could be California bright green pleasure machines...

Hey! Remember me? I'm that guy who plays in that rock band. The last time I was around here, me and Rusty got into some pseudo-spiritual debate over rock music. Fun times!

Some stuff I'm listening to right now: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel...Okay. I'm an old folkie. Sue me. I like the acoustic guitars and nice melodies. The thing is, I prefer Joni's jazzier stuff. I like Bob's later rockier stuff. Simon and Garfunkel had abandoned the traditional folk thing by their third album, but I suppose they held on to quite a bit of that.

I got the UHF DVD. Weird Al is funny and this DVD is proof. It's loaded with the funny. The commentary tracks alone make it worthy. For all fans of Weird Al and Michael Richards: do yourself a favor and get this disc.

I just wrote possible the best song of my entire songwriting career. I usually stumble over the lyrics, but this one happened. I never like my own songs. This one is called "Burning Bridges." I even like the title. I get easily embarrassed over my tunes. Maybe I just opened a new door. Maybe all this folk music is starting to have an effect on me. Although, I can honestly say that this is a true song for the rock stylings of Lately David. I've had a bit of following in our recent direction in that I tend to write these poppy, sappy tunes. Danny writes this edgy stuff. I've just written a rock classic. It's not "Born To Run," but it'll do, pig. (Of course, tomorrow, I'll recognize it for the piece of shit it probably is and know that it won't matter.)

I'm restless right now. It may be because I found out that I have a permanent job at Graceland as opposed to being seasonal, as I thought I was. I like my job, so this is a good thing. I feel like John Merrick must have felt when he found out that he had a permanent home at the hospital, but I also know that this means I have to get an apartment and stuff. I want to write and record a pop masterpiece. I want to paint something. I want to make a great film. I feel like a ton of creativity is inside and is bursting forth. Maybe this is the reason the new song came out pretty good. Restless. That's what I am right now.

Tommy DePalma

Thursday, September 12, 2002

... a joke in your town

I hope everyone remembered the special day: Brian DePalma's birthday.

Thursday, September 05, 2002


Actually, the guy won $280,000, which inspired the look even more. And I taped it today, so if anyone would like to drive to Texas, you can watch it with me.
Thoughts of Tom

Ah, little Tommy Green. He's popular again.

When I saw his character for Stealing Harvard, I thought, "I bet he's trying to look like the guy from American Movie," and Tom just confirmed it on an E! special.

Tom Green's MTV Diary was funny. It makes me feel good to see him with Derek Harvie and Glen Humplik. Buddies. I like people who stay buddies.

They've been showing The Tom Green Show on MTV this week, and it makes me remember that he's still the funniest guy alive right now. One of the few people ever that I like to call "important comics," like Andy Kaufman and Lenny Bruce. Where it's not even quite comedy what they're doing (as many Tom Green haters would quickly say).

But the best moment of all the Stealing Harvard promotion was from Jason Lee. It was on the Comedy Central Canned Ham show, and they shot some of it on a horse betting track. Jason Lee was talking to some old guy there and said, "What's the biggest win you've ever had?" The guy said, "The biggest win I ever had was $131,000." And Jason Lee gave this look to the camera which said "I wasn't expecting that/Good Lord, that's a lot of money/Can you believe that?/Hey, whaddaya think of that?/I'm not even going to respond to the guy, but just look at the camera/cameraman/TV audience/whoever is on the crew." I've been thinking about it for two days.

Monday, September 02, 2002

Update on the Current Crisis

The Pearl Sack & Save store is evil. They haven't had any Stewart's drinks for like a year or so now. Found some Stewart's Orange & Cream at a gas station on the way home from Memphis today, but the search still continues for a local supplier.

Taco Bell Hybridizations

What's that town between Jackson and Cleveland, MS, where they have that Taco Bell & KFC combo? Noby should go there and be freaked out by that, too.

Saturday, August 31, 2002

One of the Perks of Living Down the Street from a Minor League Baseball Stadium

Besides the always-lovely glow, I just got to watch a fireworks show from my balcony. Ahhh.
One Week In Texas Update, Labor Day Weekend

I dig it here so far. The palm trees and wind always make it feel like a kind of vacation, as does walking up the stairs to my apartment since I was in a house for so long that coming to the apartment feels like a hotel.

Students are cool. Faculty is cool. Everyone be nice to Rusty.

Wal-Mart across the street, as well as Staples (which I'd never been in, but which are exactly--no exactly--like Office Depot, right down to the store arrangement and color scheme: "Anything Office Depot has? Yeah, we got that."), all sorts of freaky restaurant chains (Peto's being my favorite so far: taco-like stuff that's cheap but so much better than Taco Bell; and the Taco Bell here is combined in the same building as Long John Silver, which freaked Noby out).

I haven't left Edinburg yet to explore the rest of the Rio Grande Valley, but maybe I'll do that this weekend. I might even make it sometime soon to San Padre Island where they had the Miss Teen USA Pageant.

Hollywood Video, Blockbuster Video, several smaller ones. As you can tell, all the "stuff you can buy" places are important to me.

They don't seem to have a music place in town, but in the next town over they seem to (according to phone book). I think even a used one, which is the only "brick and mortar" music store I ever shop from. Half.com is still my major supplier.

I've been taking my lazy-ass time getting my apartment set up, but it's mostly just a few stray things still on the floor, as well as all the empty boxes I shipped stuff in. My books are alphabatized on the shelfs, my CDs and DVDs too, my home theater system set up (which I can't play as loud anymore, of course), music stuffs. All the important junk.

Um, that's all. Happy Labor Day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

That tangerine cream soda at wal-mart isn't Stewart's brand, it's IBC.

- Grocery Girl.

Monday, August 26, 2002

To Jason, Non-Stranger

Rusty, Noby and I peeped some Stewart's Tangerine Cream Soda at Wal-Mart last week. Have you tried this? I also saw some Orange Cream Soda at a different Wal-Mart.

Those who do not appreciate Buffy do not understand her.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

This Message is Dedicated to Mr. Jason Bell, a Stranger

On the subject of soda, pop, soft drinks, carbonated beverages, and the like: are you still looking for that Stewart's orange cream soda? Because I saw cases and cases of it at the Sack 'n Save food store in Hattiesburg, so maybe there's some at a Sack 'n Save food store near you, wherever you are. You can sack your soda and also save money on it.

I happen to love Rick Astley. I do not like buffy, even in re-runs.

Doctro Pepper or Dock Rock Pepper

Red Fusion Dr. Pepper is so "eh" that I forgot I even drank a can until you brought it up.

I'm having fun right now listening to the radio. Wow. They're playing Rick Astley, Paula Abdul, and stuff like that. With each song that comes on, I say, "This song is kinda good." "Forever Your Girl," I never noticed, sounds like a Prince song.

Soft Drinks Again

Following up on my previous comments on the types of Dr Pepper (because this is something I'm sure everyone is dying to know), I tried that new Red Fusion Dr Pepper stuff a few days ago. I give it a big rating of "eh." It tastes like Dr Pepper going down, but leaves a not-bad-but-not-that-great-either cherry-ish aftertaste. Nothing to write home about. I probably won't be getting any more any time soon. Still tons better than the Caffiene Free DP, though.

Welcome to the Family-Unfriendly Buffy Fan Club, Rusty!

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Think of the Children!

Wow. Worst family show. I'm glad we have people like that protecting us and our kids. They're so nice to us.

My most recent Buffy dream: Giles loses his Watcherhood (which he's probably done by now for all I know, but I'm only through the middle of the 3rd season) and hits rock bottom in various other ways too, and I think maybe Buffy also is no longer the slayer. Giles is kinda wasted-looking and he starts taking Buffy's clothes off and she says he shouldn't do that and he says something like "What does it matter now?" and she has to fight him off a little to make him stop. In the dream, it was actually me watching the show, and I said to myself, "I liked it better when they just had a father/daughter relationship, but I guess they have to throw every complication into the mix." It didn't make me happy at all.

My previous Buffy dreams were about Angel-as-vampire. He was pretty scary stuff.

Did I mention that I'm officially a Buffy fan now? Only I still won't watch the new shows, because I want to see them all in order. I might even get the DVDs one day. Maybe I should already so I won't have to spend a billion dollars at one time.

Friday, August 23, 2002

This appearance on the robot is dedicated to Buffistas everywhere

In my Buffy dreams, Buffy was rated the worst show for families. But get this: then it really happened. Because I'm mystic like that. Also: I am concerned for the families. And for the children. And for the familes with children. Etc, etc. And so on.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Put On the Aaron Copeland, Cuz I'm a Cowboy

What's Rusty's Ranting Robot without Rusty? Nothing, I tell you. So I'm back. Actually, I'm here: in Texas. Practically Mexico, though. I'm in the Rio Grande Valley. It's very pretty and very hot. It's a strip of cities where to the south of us is the Rio Grande and to the north of us is many, many miles of what looks like oil and farms and nothing much from what I can tell, until you get to San Antonio. But here is cool: Edinburg (the city I'm in) and the surrounding ones.

I'm teaching, by the way, at The University of Texas Pan American, composition and literature. I'm the one who looks like an undergraduate. Some people only know about my life through this robot, so I have to say this.

I'll tell my Buffy dreams later.

Monday, August 12, 2002

Odd Dream

I was sitting at my computer when I heard a commotion outside. I looked out the window, and there were two giant dogs running around out in the street. I mean giant dogs... lion-sized, maybe larger. Maybe the size of small elephants. One was all black, one was orange-brown, sort of non-descript shaggy breeds. They looked sort of lion-ish, and I kept wondering if maybe they really were lions, but they looked too much like dogs, so maybe they were part-dog-part-lion. My sister happened to come over to visit, and when she came in I asked if she knew if those were lions or dogs out there. She said she didn't know, but commented that it was weird seeing them running around out there.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Jason, you're funny. I enjoyed this post too much.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Tylenol Sinus Nighttime Formula

(A.K.A. Tylenol Coma)

It's the medicine that cures your sinus-related headaches and stuff by knocking you unconscious almost instantly, and keeping you that way until your sinus troubles have long passed. I just took some, so I'll see you all again sometime after I regain consciousness this weekend. Hopefully I'll finish typing this before I pass ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiloihbnjb,'rbn b,

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

It's raining outside.

I keep trying to tell my dogs that the scary noises they hear during thunderstorms can't come inside and get them, but they just don't seem to understand for some reason and continue to hide under the bed...

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Why? WHY?!?

Why do people say "Is it raining outside?"

Where else is it going to rain?

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Dream I Had Last Night

I dreamed last night that I had just found out about the existence of a small outdoor movie theater near here in Clinton, Mississippi. It had a fairly small screen, and the seats were just concrete benches, and the ground was really overgrown with plants and wild vines everywhere (which was kinda neat and gave it an airy garden-like atmosphere), and they would only have one movie showing every day, but the cool thing about it was that it was The Star Wars Theater. Every day they'd have one screening of one of the original, pre-Special-Edition Star Wars films. (They even had the original version of Star Wars without the "Episode IV: A New Hope" subtitle on the opening text crawl.)

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Um... German?

I like overdubs. I can't help it. If I want to watch a movie, I don't want to read it too. I like to look at the screen, because -- you know -- it's a visual medium. I can't understand German or any other language except English. I'd rather have a bad overdub that allows me to watch the movie than to "preserve" the language of the movie (which might as well be people speaking like The Sims) with subtitles.

Rusty Does Want To Rant... A Little

I think that they confused "bad" TV with "interesting" TV. Not just for Tom Green, but for most of the shows on the list. Look at all of them, and what makes them not bad (even if they were, technically, bad) is that they stood out from other TV shows. I mean where were the shows like Family Matters or Who's the Boss?? Those are the truly bad ones, along with a zillion others just like it, that are just vomit-ups of already-existing shows. You have to give something like Sheriff Lobo credit for originality.

I would write another We Like Media article, but it might just sound too much like my Tom Green Gets Razzied one. The general public is so f*cking boring to me. Thank God for individuals.

Com Pew Tah

It's fun fixing computers, once you're fixing them and not just cursing at them.

For those who are now scared to play The Sims because it supposedly killed Liza's computer: don't worry. It didn't kill Liza's computer. The Sims is one of the best games ever made, and you should probably play it once or twice to see if you agree. If you don't like computer games, you might like this one.

Gateway's "service" indeed sux. I've called them two times, and both times I eventually just had to figure out the problem by myself. They kept suggesting things that would indeed kill the computer. They're basically just kids with a troubleshooting guide on their desks.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I'm just home for lunch, so this will have to be brief.

Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rusty for fixing my broken computer.

The Sims killed my computer

For those of you who don't know, I was installing some Sims expansions Sunday night after we got back from Jackson, and my computer had a meltdown. We were up until 2 a.m. Sunday night, on the phone with Noby from 1-2 a.m., trying to fix it, but Rusty ended up having to reformat my computer yesterday.

Everything seems to be in perfect working order, although I'm still missing several games and programs, but I'll get around to downloading them in the next few days.

Thanks, Again

So, once again, I'd like to publicly thank Rusty for saving me from doing something crazy, like taking my computer to Gateway to be fixed. Who needs places like that when you've got Rusty and Noby? (Thanks to you, too, Noby!)

Monday, July 15, 2002

Rusty wants to Rant, I know it

The Tom Green Show was rated #41 on TV Guide's list of the 50 worst television shows of all time. See the whole list of shows here.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Where's Tommy?

Tommy, I'll assume that since we neither saw you or heard from you this weekend, you stayed in wherever it is you live in North Mississippi with Danny and rocked the boat with recordings of music and what not. It was a generally slow weekend, so you didn't miss much.

Run Noby Run

Noby, let me take this opportunity to thank you for watching Run Lola Run, in German, with me.

Since you offered no comments during or after the movie, I'll ask you now what you thought. I know you'd seen it once before, but the second time around brings new thoughts, usually.

I feel the need, the need, for speed

Oh, and despite my comments to the contrary, I made the drive from your house to mine in 1 hour, 10 minutes. That's a record for me, I think. Of course I was driving 80mph half the time.


When I was in college, I used to try and see how fast I could get from point A to point B (usually from Memphis to Birmingham/Birmingham to Memphis). I grew out of that eventually, the fear of speeding tickets helping me along. Hopefully I won't fall back into my evil ways of high speed highway behavior.


Actually, I think I've struck a strange balance...my highway driving has slowed down to just above speed limit speed while my in town driving has increased to about twice the speed limit. I often wonder at the fact that I haven't been pulled over on Hardy Street or 4th Street and been given a big, fat ticket.


Okay, I've got things to do and things to do, so I'll bid farewell for now.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Rock Is Dead. Long Live Rock!

You ain't gotta defend nothin'. And, yes, you are Pete Towshend.

I had a similar affirmation moment when I first went to a Magnetic Fields show and saw people who liked his music as much as I did. Before that, I felt pretty alone. It wasn't a thousand screaming fans, though, but maybe 60 quiet fans. That was enough for me. And Tommy was there, too. And Ben Lee. And Ancient Chinese Garden.


I tend to think the skirting and flirting in lyrics is just people trying to hard not to say anything because they don't know how to say it or because they don't have anything really to say or because they're trying to make the thing they're saying more deep than it really is. I don't appreciate complete abstractions too much. One way they work are in some of the better R.E.M. songs, though. Like "Losing My Religion." The song is just about not wanting to say to much to someone you have a crush on, but the not-quite-saying-it makes it a better song (where you can ignore the "real" meaning altogether and make it about religion or whatever you like). However, the reason it works is because of the specificness of the lyrics. It's not the abstraction. In fact, it's pretty darn specific: "Oh no, I've said too much. I haven't said enough." Early R.E.M. songs are good like this too. Like "Fall On Me." It's an environmental song, and it addresses the issue straight on, but it doesn't use the common words. It doesn't use words that the EPA would use. That's what makes it art in addition to being a environmental song.

So I dislike songs telling you what to do, too, but I think it's bad songwriting when it's just too abstract to mean anything, or when it uses symbols (usually symbols) so common the song can mean absolutely anything. Like "I'm sinking in a sea of darkness and my eyes are blind to the light that would bring me up into the sky so I have to keep falling forever and forever" or shit like that.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel is a perfect example of using very very specific words and images to get across meanings that couldn't possibly be told in a "normal" language. But listen to the specifics: "And she was born in a born in a bottle rocket, 1929, with wings that ringed around a socket right between her spine, all drenched in milk and holy water pouring from the sky" to pick one random line. They do what myth-writers do. But all myth-writers use specifics too. They're never abstract.

The Royal Tenenbaums

I still like Rushmore the best of the Wes Anderson movies (you know, Tommy's favorite movie). I liked The Royal Tenenbaums a little better the second time, though I'm still annoyed by the same things I was the first time: the nothing-but-symmetry shots and the way that everything is so overly-precious so that the real problems these people have are just kind of being toyed with and snickered at with intellectual snickering. But, yes, I think it's a good movie too.


Am I a dork for reading "Tommy Said" as Tommy Sah-eed at first?

Farto McTurdstink.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Tommy said

Tommy said I should post more often to the robot, and as his loyal and obedient servant, I am doing so.

Unfortunately, all of my internet time has been spent job searching lately. Jobs suck. Looking for jobs sucks more.

The Royal Family

In case anyone was wondering...I bought the Criterion Collection of The Royal Tenenbaums yesterday.

That there is a pretty good movie.

In other news

I don't really have any other news. Job searching, movie buying/watching, work, and sleep take up most of my time these days.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to quit posting now, bathe, and watch some tv in preparation for sleep. Ah, sleep...
And keep writing I shall...

I really don't feel my need to defend rock or its meanings. I'm just trying to imply its importance to many people (including myself). Rusty, you are indeed one of the lucky few people in this world that can bury stuff and let it go. Most people in this world cannot, therefore, they end up doing all sorts of crazy things. It depends on how much they let go and how much they hold in. The Beatles were magic. Plain and simple. They managed to walk that perfect line of being so many things to all people. But, The Who's music may actually may mean more to me in the larger picture. I know that it's really a matter of personal taste, but that's me. The reason why is because I relate. I think music should be able to be related to. You relate to ABBA, I do not, but it certainly doesn't diminish their quality. Same goes for 'Nsync, for that matter. I appreciate your clarification on the reasons you dig Destiny's Child. I understand the issues that are being addressed in the big Who songs. It may be because I'm just an overgrown teenager. I understand Pete Townshend's duplicity and contradictions. I'm full of them, too. Somehow, they all add up in the end to me. The great thing about a song is one that can be listened to in headphones and speak directly to your soul, then, you can sit in a room full of people and play it and have everyone sing along, and then, the next level is having it affirmed with thousands of screaming people in a stadium somewhere. Waving your fist in unison to that great anthem. It is important. You are made to not feel silly for turning up the volume on "Won't Get Fooled Again." You've affirmed it with many, many like-minded people. Rock shows can be those kinds of releases. As I seem to remember, Rusty, you're not a big fan of those either. Church, anyone? Why do people attend church? Maybe it's the same reason kids attend rock concerts. It's probably wrong. The Beatles were more popular than Christ, after all. I know for those of you that stand on that good old Rock of Salvation will win out in the end and I will be left with nothing but damaged hearing, but by golly, it's almost all I've got these days to confirm that I am real. Maybe that can change. Alot of folks have commented on The Who's decision to continue their tour a couple of days after Entwistle's death. The more I've thought about it, I know that it's the right thing to do. The only thing to do. The release. It's all about the release. So, whereas you feel that Mr. Townshend is merely trying to get at the big problems, I think he succeeds. Quadrophenia works on so many levels because of this. Eddie Vedder (another purveyor of angst that I happen to like, and Rusty happens to dilsike) was deeply moved by Quadrophenia as a youngster. And, I know as a writer, you feel that his stories has many holes in them (they do). You can't get past the structure. This is precisely why they work for me. Rock music should never actually tell its audience what to feel. I usually don't like the stuff that does. It should always be open ended. This can always be a problem when words are brought into play. Another fine line that bands like The Beatles were perfectly able to walk.


I get really irritated today that if in a rock song you actually mention anything specifically. Hit something head on. You're upposed to skirt around it and flirt around it in a way, say, that a Stones lyric would, and maybe mention it in a sort-of double meaning, double edged way. I've always been frustrated with this aspect of rock, I don't get anything from that type of song. Like you sit down and listen to a piece by Debussy, one person can see the Arctic and another can see the Russian Revolution, you can see anything you like because there's nothing suggested by it than in a musical way. When you've got words, "I walked into the room and I picked up my spade, and I worked for the Revolution" type of thing, it's enough to kill anything stone dead.

In rock and roll, what you don't do is make people's decisions for them, you share their ideas and you share their difficulties and you share their period of frustration, but you don't say "the thing that you have to do now is get yourself a job, get a retirement plan. You don't do that stuff. You say, "Let's go get a drink and talk about it." Drawing a conclusion should never be the job of a good rock songwriter.

Maybe I make no sense whatsoever. I make sense to me, though. Again, it's the reason why people like certain things and other folks don't. It's the difference between me and you, Rusty. But you know I love you all the same. Rock music is my release. I think you have different releases than mine. And perhaps I do harbor too much angst and really don't realize it all yet. My favorite movie is Rushmore, after all...

Tommy Fischer

And I like flowers too, almost as much as The Who.
I like flowers.

They are pretty.

I'm not carrying anything from my teen or pre-teen years. I feel I'm a minority in this. I had problems, of course, when I was growing up, since everyone has problems at all times of their lives, but nothing I'm still carrying with me. Basically, when I look back now, it feels that I had no problems at all. I don't feel I had any real problems until I became an adult. And I am still carrying some things from my earlier adult years, but I imagine those will go away before too long to make way for new ones. But, no, I don't really even feel there was anything from my youth to get over. It was all pretty nice.

So maybe that's why I don't like rock music. I do think lots of it is immature. I feel this way about a lot of stuff, though: that few things are adult. Lots of adult moviemakers, for example, seem to be re-treading their teen or college years. I know some of them are made for that audience, but many are not. And even the movies "about" adults are about what I consider immature adults.

So take like The Who (just to make Tommy want to write more): when I listen to it, I think it's trying to get at the "big problems, deep stuff," but that it's not. It's presenting it as if it is, like in the Tommy album. To me, even the stuff that Pete Townshend sings about in his solo career (or at least what I know of it) seems like stuff that people should have figured out and been over by, say, age 17.

But take like The Beatles: I think they were pretty adult. I think they covered deep stuff without blinking, not making a big show of it. George and (less so) John's solo stuff was like this too. Even their early stuff about boys and girls had a certain maturity to it. Once again, The Beatles win.

So the stuff I like is either "adult" or "candy." In the case of Merritt, both. Adult music is mature, and candy music isn't but it knows that it isn't: therefore it's not like immature rock music trying to sound mature while not being mature at all. I like the honesty of candy music. This is why I can like Destiny's Child better than Pink Floyd.

Maybe nothing traumatic happened to me when I was young, and that's all it is. Maybe more people have traumatic childhoods and teen years. I'm a lucky baaaa.


Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Response to Rusty

I never questioned your intent on recording music. I think I could make an entire covers album, and might like to do so. I think it's magic that you rerecorded an entire album and I love you for it. I don't have the patience to do that. I like your 69 Love Songs. I like them better than Merritt's. And I said that I understood the feeling behind destroying an intsrument. It's all about the emotion. One of the differences between me and you, Rusty, is that you somehow remove the raw emotion behind music and there's something far deeper (or spiritual) motivating your tastes. Or maybe it simply strikes different nerves in each of us. This is why I can listen to Pet Sounds and weep while you simply may think that it's very nice, but "not all that." Again, we have common occurences, such as Neutral Milk Hotel. I think that album moves us for the same reasons. Same with Weezer's Pinkerton. But I do know that it totally tees you off when guys like Stevie Ray Vaughn are making faces or whatever while playing ("Does that help them play better?"). It's emotion. I don't jump around and act like an idiot because I think it's fun (it is), but because that's simply what the music does to me. And if I whack the shit out of my bass or throw it on the ground, I do it because sometimes because simply playing it isn't enough for me. Rock music goes that deep for me, I guess. And that's the fundamental difference between me and you, Rusty. You simply do not like Rock Music. You never have. You like some music that may rock, but not Rock Music on the whole. You don't like the new Weezer record as much because it a rock and roll album. But you do like pop music (I do too).

Pop Versus Rock
Pop music is wonderful, it's essential, it makes the day go by, it makes us happy, it makes us sad, it's good stuff. There's never been anything wrong with it...But Rock always set itself a slightly higher target which was to try to share big ideas, big problems, deep stuff. Particularly the problems that you tend to carry with you from your teenage years. I think we carry alot of teenage stuff with us to our deathbed. I don't think we let it go and I think we're formed in our teenage years to some extent. The person that leaves home is the person that becomes an adult whether they're ready for it or not.

And then there's the other difference. You've got God and I've got music. Maybe music really is my God. You don't need it because you've that the real deal. I've just got these loud guitars and broken instruments.

Tommy Entwistle
Organized Ranting

Marty McFly

I got not only that time travel email, but I've gotten a series of them: like 3 or 4 different ones. So they're getting around. I thought it was odd too. I prefer them to most of my junk mail.

Pete Townshend

Your love of Mike Nesmith used to feed my hatred.

69 Lovers

What's to figure out? It's good music, and it's fun to do covers, so why not cover a whole album? Lots of covers are pointless, if they sound exactly like the original song or don't add anything, but I feel that mine add something. Also, I want to present it as a present to Stephin and Claudia when I'm done (and maybe as MP3s to the fans that they can download for free -- of course, else it's illegal -- on some site). And you know me, I care more about concepts than anything. I'm the Garry Shandling of music.


You wonder why I like recording music, but you think it's normal to destroy instruments? Now who's confusing? Jesus might get mad at you worshipping rock music. :)


Conceivably, you can get a Chocolate Coke or a vanilla Sprite or anything at all at Sonic. It's magic.

Monday, July 08, 2002

Rants and stuff...

I really have nothing to rant about these days. Life is still good for me. I still like 2002. Beside a couple of bad things, it's been a bowl of oysters. Speaking of which...I really want some oysters. I'm a picky eater, but I enjoy the seafood. I mean real seafood. Not this MS home grown catfish stuff. I like the clams and shrimp...you know, stuff from the SEA.

David Bowie's new CD is really good. I picked up a couple more Alex Chilton solo records recently. Rusty, what's your deal? You should like Alex Chilton more than you do. Then again, I've stopped trying to figure your taste in music a long time ago. I'm even to the point of making you your very own LX compilation, so you won't listen to it. Yes. That's how desperate I am. Like Flies On Sherbert is a brilliant, wreckless little masterpiece. Mr. Chilton is truly one of the fathers of indie pop/rock. Along with Mr. Reed. Those are the granddaddies as far as I'm concerned. But Rusty probably won't like LX because I like him so much. I think Weezer is the only band (probably The Beatles) that Rusty and I both share a common love/adulation for. In most other cases, if one of us likes a band or artist a WHOLE LOT, the other won't. Oh, yeah...we both like REM, but I don't know why anymore. There's a couple of middle folks we both kinda like, but it seems the more I love Pete Townshend, the more inclined Rusty is to hate him. It's like my love feeds his hatred. Is that a rant? Can that count?

I picked up the new Beach Boys collection as it was compiled by Brian Wilson himself. Yeah. I'ma sucker. Capitol Records can always sucker me for a buck when it comes to The Beach Boys and The Beatles. I have every single song on this compilation with the exception of the "bait." The bait is a new Brian Wilson song called "California Feeling." Plus the packaging. I am a nut for pakages when it comes to my music. So, while there are still tons of albums I need/have to own, I shelled out another 15 bucks for basically one Brian Wilson song and a bunch of pictures I already had and some goofy liner notes written by Brian ("I really sung this one good.") I love him ,though. Maybe that's a rant, too. Or maybe just a confession of my own stupidity.

I really also like Rusty's new installment in the 69 Love Songs Trilogy. What's up with Liza? It's great, but almost pointless. I guess it's no longer my job to figure out Rusty and his music stuff. I've said that already, though. It's still a good listen. I should stop analyzing and just enjoy music. Wait. That's the secret to my whole life! Stop analyzing things and simply enjoy them. I should be a freaking guru.

The Who's bassist, John Entwistle died last week. He was a monster bassist, really. The Who decided to go on with their current tour. The early reports have been really good. The first leg of the toru ended yesterday with Pete smashing a guitar. I love that man. I know most folks think it's pointless to do such a thing. I probably couldn't explain the need for it. But I'm sure it had to do with a sort of cathartic release. Pete has been known to pummel guitars into submission, something I have been unable to do myelf. I try, but I haven't gotten there yet. When the guitar is smashed, it becomes almost a release of the the poor instrument. "I have tortured you all night and now, you will be sacrificed." Like I said, it probably still doesn't make sense, but I totally buy it. My religion is Rock and Roll, so...
Tommy Presley

Saturday, July 06, 2002


The rumors of Giles becoming everyone's favorite Time Lord have been greatly exaggerated. It does seem like an interesting idea, if they could only make it happen. At least we still have the eventual Ripper series to look forward to. (And, according to various rumors and stuff I've been reading online, the Buffy cartoon seems to be back in the works, after the Fox network's cancellation of their entire Fox Kids lineup put it in limbo.)

Hope everyone's enjoying a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!

More shopping rants

Had to go to Wal-Mart today to try to find some Stewart's Orange and Cream soda (one of the best things ever), which it seems is getting harder and harder to find lately, and dammit, it looks like they've stopped carrying all the Stewart's stuff.

If you're ever at a Wal-Mart and they have to get a price check on something, just forget it. Tell them to put it back. Unless you've got a good half hour or so to kill. Seriously.

There was this clown ahead of me in the checkout line. Really. As if I didn't have enough reasons to not want to be there.

The hell?

I've received some strange spam mail before, but this one is just... well... see for yourself:

Received: from deputy.combox.de (deputy.combox.de [])
by pike.netdoor.com (8.12.1/8.12.1) with ESMTP id g670HnWj004163;
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 19:17:50 -0500 (CDT)
Received: from www-data by deputy.combox.de with local (Exim 3.12 #1 (Debian))
id 17QzkH-0001PY-00; Sun, 07 Jul 2002 02:17:45 +0200
From: ()
Subject: Time Travelers PLEASE HELP!!! 11446
Sender: www-data
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 02:17:45 +0200

If you are a time traveler or alien and or in possession of government or alien technology I need your help! My entire life and health has been messed with by evil beings! If you have access to the carbon copy replica model #50 3000 series, the dimensional warp, temporal reversion or something similar please reply! I simply need the safest method of transferring my
consciousness or returning to my younger self with my current mind/memory. I need an advanced time traveler to work with who can help me, I would prefer someone with access to teleportation as well as a variety different types of time travel. This is not a joke! I am serious! Please send a separate email to me at: Dragonball03@aol.com if you can help! Thanks


Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(oddc@) on Sunday, July 7, 2002 at 02:17:45

x: i


(To: line removed to protect the innocent)

It seems that variations of this email from what would seem to be one quite disturbed individual have been circulating around for a while now. A Google search reveals more of its history...

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Robot Good

My magical post seems to have cured all. It took days for this thing to convert from "Rusty's Post-It Notes" to "Rusty's Ranting Robot." It seemed a better name, especially since we just call it the robot.

Time to BMT now...
Robot Bad

I don't know what the deal with the non-showing names are. I hope it fixes itself.

Re: Jason's Star Wars Rant:

1. Yes.
2. I might like Clones even better, but I'm stupid.
3. You bet!
4. I agree. And when he did get to talk, he got to "pull a Gilligan" and screw up, giving Palpatine the power.
5. For some reason, I almost liked the C3P0 puns ("What a drag"/"I'm beside myself"). I thought the same thing, though, that he was taking the place of Jar-Jar. I think Anthony Daniels somehow made it good. I was glad to have 3P0 back in business in this movie. I loved it when he put his hand on R2D2 for the first time at the end.
6. My list:
(1) Star Wars
(2) The Empire Strikes Back
(3) Attack of the Clones
(4) Return of the Jedi
(5) The Phantom Menace
(6) [This may go here, or any place above. This slot is not reserved for Phantom, since I liked it.]

Mesa C3PO...

Monday, July 01, 2002

I, Ranting Robot

Hmm... looks like whatever it is that displays our names below our posts is broken. Just so our legions of loyal fans won't wonder who it was that saw Attack of the Clones last night and ranted about it below, it was me.

(Oh, and I'm Jason, btw.)
I did it

I finally saw Attack of the Clones last night. (Probably the last week it'll be in theaters around here, too, since it's down to one screen in only one theater now, and all sorts of big new stuff is coming out. Kinda sad that a Star Wars film has come and gone so fast.)

Now that I have seen the movie, I can make the following statements of possibly varying degrees of controversiality:
1. Attack of the Clones is, technically, probably a better movie than Return of the Jedi.
2. Return of the Jedi is definitely a more entertaining and likeable movie than Attack of the Clones
3. Attack of the Clones is at least worth seeing for the Yoda fight.
4. They reigned Jar Jar in so much for this movie, it was horribly obvious and even off-putting. I swear he looked and acted like a dog that had repeatedly been beaten mercilessly by his owner, and was now terrified to step out from behind anyone to say anything for fear of his life.
5. Lucas still hasn't completely learned why the Jar Jar "humor" from Phantom Menace doesn't work. C-3PO sadly takes over for a few too-obvious instances of "Hey, look at me! I'm saying or doing something stupid and silly and funny to distract from the seriousness of what's going on!" (I'm specifically talking about those several cringe-worthy out-of-place and almost-out-of-character puns he spouts when Artoo's putting him back together in the battle arena.) It's still nowhere near as horrible as Jar Jar, so there is a definite improvement.
6. My updated ordered list of favorite Star Wars movies is now:
(1) The Empire Strikes Back
(2) Star Wars
(3) Return of the Jedi
(4) Attack of the Clones
(6) The Phantom Menace
(Yes, I'm ignoring the Ewok movies. They're stupid. The Droids TV series might rank slightly above or below TPM, but I haven't seen it in a long time, and it's not a movie, so it doesn't count for this list. And yes, TPM is deliberately counted as #6, despite the fact that there are only 5 movies on the list.)

One last thing: I read a Lucas quote not too long ago where he said that fans were upset at him because they were expecting The Phantom Menace to be more like The Matrix. Huh? Wha? Um, no. Maybe there were a few weirdos out there who for some inexplicable reason expected The Matrix in space, but I'm pretty sure most of us Star Wars fans were upset because we expected a movie more like Star Wars than what he made. He just... doesn't... get it. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Shopping Rules

The widely-accepted rule is that any multiples of identical items are counted as one. Anything that the cashier can scan once, then hit a couple of buttons to multiply it by the number you're buying, that is. In theory, you could buy 358,741 two-liter bottles of Diet Mountain Dew and it would only count as one item, so that rule does have a loophole open to some abuse.

Does a bear wipe in the woods?

The thing that really bothers me about that commercial is the look on the bear when he uses the toilet paper. Like he's in a state of bliss--like he's thinking "Oh yeeeeaaaaah... this feels sooooo gooooooood!" Ew.

TV is so much better when it's commercial-free and on your own time. Teevo (sp?) might be the way to go. TV on DVD is the best way, cause it sounds better and stuff too. But, yes, Steph should join us... She knows she wants to.


You know, when the sun comes out, it's time to sleep. At least for me, but I'm traditional.

Bear Butts

I thought of the family of bears smiling and wiping their asses together too. It's just wrong.


I don't know what an item is either. I tend to count everything as individual so as not to piss off Liza and Jason who always stand behind me in line. Like I count each grape. Well, maybe not each grape, but each peach. It's all so confusing.


They Might Be Giants have a very good children's album out now called No!. No means no.

Ugly Cassanova

Modest Mouse's lead singer's album is also pretty snazzy.

The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 2

I've almost done with volume two, so Steph can think I'm even more crazy (in a good way). I'll finish Vol. 3 even sooner. I'm mailing one to Stephin and Claudia when I'm done, so they can kill me.

So I've always wondered this--what makes something an item and something else not? Like if you had two apples, is it two items or one? Or is it one only if you put them in a bag? And then if you can make two apples one item by putting them in a bag, then what if you put two boxes of the same cereal in a bag?

Monday, June 24, 2002

Car trouble
Jason, I'm very sorry to hear about all your car trouble this weekend. It frustrates me just thinking about it. My head probably would have popped off my body like a champagne cork. (I get frustrated easily sometimes.)

Potty humor
Speaking of happy toilet paper, you know what commercial really kind of grosses me out? The one with the bears in the woods using toilet paper. I can't remember the brand, but there's just something disturbing and icky about seeing a cartoon bear leaning against a tree, reading the newspaper, and reaching for a roll of toilet paper. Anyone else with me on this?

20 means 20, not 22
As far as the 20 items of less, I always try to be very conscientious about this. Sometimes, even when I really have less than 20, but it looks like I have more, I'll just go in the regular line. I don't want people to look at me and think I'm one of those 20 items or less rule breakers.

check it out
Those self-checkout lanes make me kind of nervous. They just make me feel like a cheater/thief or something. Don't know what it is...

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Wish I Wasn't Here
(or Yet Another Member of the Robot Rants and Whines About Something)

Car was in the shop all week. Get it back Friday, just in time to go out of town for the weekend. Stupid thing dies a few miles from the house and won't start for about 45 minutes. I get back on the road and try to make my way back home (or at least to a convenient place where I can leave it parked and get indoors out of the heat) and it dies again in the turn lane right in front of the gas station down the road from my house. A police-assisted push and another 45 minutes or so later (not to mention phone calls to everyone in town I could think of, none of whom could help), I finally get it started again and make it home. Got it fixed today... turns out it was just one lousy stupid little corroded wire telling the car it was overheating, when it really wasn't, and shutting down the engine. A little too late for my trip, and I'm still pretty exhausted from spending all that time in the hot car, and my leg is all cramped up. Ow.

Well, Steph, it's pretty much inevitable that someday you're going to have a computer with a DVD-ROM drive (assuming you don't already), and you're going to be tempted to succumb to the DVD-watching obsession the rest of us here have. Of course, at least with watching shows and movies on DVD you can be in total control of when you watch, and don't have to sit through the commercials and crap they throw at you on TV... Join us... Join us...

Bedtime...? What is this... "bedtime" thing of which you speak, Steph? I'm unfamiliar with the concept.

This thing bothers me. I think there are some inanimate objects just shouldn't be turned into cute cartoon characters, and toilet paper is one of them. Think about this: It looks so happy, and it doesn't know what it's going to be used for... or it does know, and is still happy... Ew.

Maybe San-X is just running out of ideas for characters. That might explain the cat. Or maybe they're secretly using the cat to try to hunt down and take out Hamtaro and the Ham-Ham Gang as their popularity grows.

One of these days, I'm gonna actually remember to email Steph like I've been meaning to. I'm just stupd and lazy sometimes.

Minor annoyance of the day: Since Suncoast is selling trade paperback collections of Japanese comics at cover price, then why do they feel compelled to put price stickers on them? They're not even bar-coded stickers, just plain ones with "$9.99" hand-written on them. It already says that on the cover and on the big display that they have them in. The clerks just scan the barcode on the cover at the checkout, so they don't need it. At least it's an easy-to-peel-off sticker.

Less-minor annoyance of the day: I demand strict enforcement of the "20 items or less" policy at supermarket express lane checkouts! Do I keep getting stuck behind people who can't read? Or people who somehow lack the ability to count? I also demand more of those self-checkout lanes like they have at the K-Mart in Jackson. I rarely have any reason to go there, but damn those things are convenient.

Ending this on a non-rant-ish note: I don't know if anyone else is, but I'm looking forward to the Powerpuff Girls Movie in a couple of weeks. They're showing the Devo music video on Cartoon Network right now. Go Monkey Go!

Friday, June 21, 2002

all this buffy talk

Makes me sad that I haven't seen the show in awhile. But not sad enough to actually get a tv, because man I have so much more free time to do other things without that tv. Plus I can read about Buffy on the web, which is not the perfect substitute, but hey.

Instead, I've been seeing a bunch of bands that show up at The Black Cat--wish you all were here, because I bet you'd be easier to convince to come see shows with me than my friends here, who all seem to have a bedtime of 10pm. Ugh, the responsible world! I hate it.

But that's whiny! Wouldn't you rather meet the new San-X characters? Like the tissue paper dude. Or the cat. Which is just a cat. I can't believe they're calling it a "character."

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Returning To Rant

Everyone should know that I tripped and fell (the excuse "um... I fell" seeming believable because of this experience) and busted myself all up. Nothing horrible, but bad for me, who never has accidents. I tripped on something in the hallway and fell on everything on the way down, mostly the piano, I think. I have a little scratch above my eye, two carpet burn scabs around my elbows, a toe that was in pain for a few hours, a left wrist that still hurts after two days (especially when I type: ouch), and a big scabby gash on my right shoulder that now looks like Smog the dragon. And it also bent my glasses, but I got them repaired today.

It's fun stuff.

GCEA are the notes you use to tune your ukulele strings. I always forget that. Maybe I should come up with a mnemonic device, you know, like my band. Good Cows Eat Ass? I was combining the piano ones.

I won't talk about media... I won't talk about media... I won't talk about media...

Okay, I have nothing more to talk about. I'm trying my best to get into rant mode. I'm trying to get off on a rant here, like Dennis Miller doesn't try to do. He was on Politically Incorrect tonight. I know that's media, but this doesn't count, cause I'm mostly just sad that that show's going off the air. I dug it very kindly. It has seven more episodes to go. I like you, Bill.

Here's to Bill!

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

In the Buff

What gives you the idea that there are Buffy fans on here?
For Buffy Fans

Got this message in my e-mail box....

Contributions are sought for a collection of essays titled Monsters and Metaphors: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Essays should focus on episodes from the first six seasons of the television series but may also incorporate the original film and episodes from Angel. This critical anthology seeks to position the series within larger social and literary trends and traditions. Welcome approaches include monster theory, liminality, gender studies, psychology- and sociology-oriented readings, comparative analyses, and cultural studies. Send 2-page abstracts no later than 1 October 2002 or inquiries to Christopher Weimer, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures, 309 Gundersen Bldg., Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK 74078. Email: CBWeimer@aol.com.

Monday, June 17, 2002

I'm back

All this week when I wasn't working, sleeping, eating, or lying in bed with a massive sinus headache, I've been spending almost every minute of time watching DVDs. I got the Buffy season 2 set this week, too. I haven't had a chance to watch it though, since my backordered-for-two-months boxset of Neon Genesis Evangelion was finally shipped to me this week, and I have been caught up in its insanity. And I use that word "insanity" in a very literal sense. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a Japanese animated series that starts out as a show about children who may be something more than ordinary children recruited to pilot giant robots that may be more than mere machines in order to fight giant genocidal monsters called Angels who may be exactly what their name implies. It then gradually takes the seemingly typical giant robot anime into directions such shows hadn't followed before its time, and eventually descends into depression, madness, schizophrenia, and what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown in animated form, seemingly tossing the plot completely out the window to spend the final episodes inside the mind of the lead character. (The director reportedly was dealing with a terrible period of depression in his life at the time, and it shows.) Trippy stuff. I wouldn't call it the best anime series ever, as the sticker on the box does, and I think it is slightly overrated by many, but I can see why it's passionately loved (and hated) by lots of people, and has been copied by lots of shows that came afterwards.

The Buffy season finale was good, and a good resolution to the storylines and themes of the season.

Overall, I think the season had some major problems (and Joss Whedon has actually said he's looked back at how a bunch of things could have been done much better), and it just meandered all over the place and dragged on too long in spots before the final few episodes where everything started falling into place and setting the storylines of Warren completely being corrupted by power and ambition and Willow being driven insane in motion. It might be better when viewed as a continuous whole over a shorter period of time, rather than spread out in chunks of new episodes interspersed with reruns over the course of a TV season. Maybe the pacing will work out better when I re-watch it that way.

I liked Xander's moment of heroism, proving himself once again the Heart of the group, saving the world with his unconditional love for his best friend. About time he got the chance and the guts to be the hero (and actually get recognized as such).

The development with Spike at the end was pretty interesting, and it should be fun to see where that goes next season. Interesting that the one character who was warning everyone all season long about the consequences of messing with powerful magic and wishes and such ends up asking for and getting something that's no doubt gonna cause him more trouble than ever before...

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Okay, where is everyone?

I have finally received and watched the season finale of Buffy. I was very pleased and can't wait until next season to see what develops. Hopefully I'll be somewhere where I get the stupid UPN.

Jason, (and anyone else who watches and enjoys the Buffy) do you have any comments on the season finale???

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Just so you all know, I rule the school.

I am the proud new owner of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2. I had to buy it at the mall, Walmart and Sam's didn't have it, but at least it was on sale for $49.99.

There are a lot of good episodes on this season. I will slowly but surely work my way through them all in the next week or so.

Just wanted to share the joy with you fine folks. Now I bid you farewell.

Monday, June 10, 2002

I do post here, Lizard. But rather infrequently, I must admit. All that work to sign in and stuff. Wow. Thanks for the great compliment. All you Love and Letters watchers out there, I hope to begin work on my new/next solo record in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. Hopefully, it'll be ready by summer's end. "The Story Goes" is on the short list for being included. Pretty much all the newer tunes I've written are going to make an appearance. I also hope that Dr. Spell will be producing again. I plan on having a bit more "hands on" with this one, but I'd like to use the same type of approach. It's nice to record them and then just to let them go, and Rusty is sympathetic to some of those song's needs. Hoepfully, he can work is magic.
Speaking of all the music stuff, www.latelydavid.net went down for a while and Danny and I had to redo alot of it. The sad thing was that our guestbook went the way of the dinosaur. We need people to sign it, so get your booties over there to sign the Lately David guestbook! Say nice things, now...Also, there some new pics, so look around.
And while we're on the subject of websites being redone, the good old Tommy Burton Adventure had been facelifted. (Can "facelift" be a verb?)
Anyway, hope to see all of you soon...
Tommy Burton--Parsidential Aide and Confidante.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Jason, I would like to have one of those Buffy DVDs, but I'm not crazy. I'll just make due with my video copy and cd that Rusty made me from the video. I listen to that sucker at least once every out of town drive I make (by myself...I think hearing it once was enough for Rusty).

I am already waiting in line at the store to purchase Buffy season 2. (Not really, I'm actually sitting at my computer in my pajamas, but you know what I mean.)

(I'm all about the parentheses tonight.)

I made two somewhat noteworthy DVD purchases in the past few days. I got the special edition of "Memento" on Thursday night, and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" last night. I've already sung-along to the sing-along songs.

I can't remember if Tommy B. blogs, but just in case he does:
Tommy just wanted to let you know that I've had one of your songs stuck in my head for the past couple of days, the "that's the way the story goes" song. I thought you might get a kick out of that.

I'm Freddy.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Oh yeah...

If you really wanna throw around some money on DVDs and get some more digital Buffy goodness, you couild get one of the many "Once More With Feeling" special DVDs that were sent out with Daily Variety subscriptions for Emmy consideration and are popping up all over eBay...

Those things are going for too much for me, though. I'll just wait the 1 1/2 to 2 years I expect it'll take for them to release the Season 6 boxset...

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Hey Liza!

Welcome to the robot wackiness!

I'm all excited about the Buffy season 2 set. And hoping I won't have to wait to get a copy, since I gots bills to pay, and, depending on several things, I may end up being low on cash next week and won't be able to throw it around like Liza. :( I'll probably get it anyway and make myself skip some meals. I mean, who's got time for stuff like eating with all that Buffy to watch, anyway?

Random Thought of the Day

The guy in those Gateway Computers ads with the talking cow reminds me a little of Reggie Bannister from the Phantasm movies. Now they've got that new ad where the guy and cow are driving down the highway in a truck together, and the first thing that pops into my mind is an image of this guy and the cow driving into some small abandoned town and the two of them running around with flamethrowers and sawed-off quadruple-barreled shotguns, blasting evil dwarves and flying silver balls...

Just thought I'd share that.
Hello, all.

Not only have I finally joined Rusty's blog, I'm on Nyleva's, too. When I go, I go all out.

Jason, how excited are you about Buffy season 2? I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on those dvd's.

I think I'm going to pick up the special edition "Willy Wonka" and "Memento" as long as I'm spending all sorts of cash. I'm hoping Sam's Club will have all of them for some crazy discounted price.

Could be.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

In Sink

Hmmm. The 'nSync guy wanting to go into space... Star Wars... space... the Star Wars program... Reagan... nuclear etc etc... hmmmm. It's all making some sort of terrible sense.