Thursday, February 28, 2002

Jason's Pre-March Media Madness

I got my copy of that heartwarming little film Fire Walk With Me tonight. Haven't watched it yet. Rounded out my Best Buy savings shopping spree with Gundam 0080 Volume 1--the heartwarming tale of a boy who loves cool giant robots and the cool soldiers who've come to his colony until everybody starts dying horrible, tragic, brutal deaths because of them, and Beast Wars Transformers Volume 1--the heartwarming tale of a bunch of cybernetic animals that transform into robots and beat the crap out of each other.

And, as if anyone actually cares, the UPS truck is supposed to be bringing my Cowboy Bebop Anime Guide book tomorrow, along with more DVDs--Lain Volume 3, which continues the heartwarming animated tale of how the internet manipulates life, death, and reality, and MST3K: Manos, The Hands of Fate, which is the heartwarming tale of a really really really bad movie--so I'll be all set with fun and artsy digital media goodness for a while.

I'm glad I got the cool Lynch characters. Previous criticisms of the test aside, I think I really am somewhere inbetween the two descriptions.

Yay for Rusty!

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Jason Rocks the David Lynch Game

Well, you got two cool ones... Actually, Fred's pretty cool too. I got the Wicked Witch of the West though (at least that's her Wizard of Oz counterpart).

So I passed comps. It's official. Yay for me.
Previously on Bloggy the Robot Slayer...

The Giles spinoff is going to be filmed in England, but it's only going to be co-produced by the BBC. 20th Century Fox will still be involved, since they own the character, and Joss has said that they'll find a network over on this side of the pond to show it.

I almost picked up Fire Walk With Me today, but I decided to hold off until later this week, when I'll have a little more disposable income in my budget, and I can go take advantage of Best Buy's "get $5 off when you buy 3 DVDs" deal.

Man... I have a budget. I hate being a responsible grown-up.

I need to stop forgetting about Hudson's, too. I've found some good deals on art supplies there before, and I am running low on some of my paper supplies... Thanks for the reminder, Rusty.

Which David Lynch character are you most like?

I still need to see Wild at Heart.

As someone who's written a personality selector (and recently had to re-write part of it after a server crash lost some of the data), I can't help but be critical of the Lynch character test. There need to be more questions, and some could stand to have choices that would actually apply more to the real world life of the person taking the test. But I'm probably taking it way more seriously than it needs to be taken. Being the indecisive person I am, I took the test again and got:

Which David Lynch character are you most like?
I Took It

Which David Lynch character are you most like?

How nice to know. I thought it would bad to be Carrie/Fred, but I found out there's worse.

I think that the Buffy game, Nyleva, is probably more fair than it seems at first glance. If anything, it seems like Evil has a slight advantage sometimes. Evil gets to constantly regenerate characters, by summoning them, so you're almost hoping sometimes that Good kills your servants off so you can get better ones, like Veruca or Angelus. Meanwhile, you can usually just try to keep your villain safe. But if you're Good, even though you do get all those cool cards, Xander and Willow (and Oz when not Werewolf Oz) are really easy to kill (and you can't bring them back) and Buffy almost always has to keep herself around Evil (instead of hiding, like the villain) to do anything at all.

Anyway, when we first started playing, Evil used to win a lot (no matter who controlled them), but now it's about half and half. Also, the number of human players doesn't seem to change too much, since it's always four good guys vs. one villain and three servants. It's sometimes more fun with extra players, so that Good can confer with each other and be a real "Scooby Gang" while Evil just sits back by himself and laughs manaically. My favorite stories are the Mayor and the Judge. The Master and Adam aren't as fun since it isn't as complicated, but they're still good for a shorter game.

I also found that reading the FAQ helps (here) since the rules in the book aren't exactly clear sometimes. For example, I used to think that when you traded/drew cards your character's turn is over, but it's only her movement.

I'm writing all this Buffy game stuff on the robot rather than just an email to Nyleva so that when everyone else gets their own copy, they can read this with knowing head nods... instead of now where everyone is just saying, "Shut up, Rusty." Maybe Carrie and I can play Friday night after recording our crazzy little song.

Liza finally played Evil. She played Good every time, which was like ten times. She won as Evil, but my excuse was that I wasn't used to being Good. Kinda like Andre the Giant losing to Wesley because he was used to fighting dozens of people.

Hudson's: a place I need to quit forgetting about. I found cartridges for my printer which are normally like $30 for like $12. I also found a CD by The Mountain Goats, who I've heard one song from off the lovely Harriet Records compilation. I will listen to it tonight with my big-ass headphones.

Oh, we got Nyleva pictures developed, so now there are even more pictures of us and Clyde Frog. We're some cute people.

Lori Berkemeyer is here from Slovakia for a while. Got to hang with her face today. Fun times.


Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Monday, February 25, 2002

Speaking of Soundtracks

Great idea, Rusty! Yes, everyone should visit on B&S day. Or, any day for that matter! And we can all go to Emo's and make wishes on our rock 'n roll stars. In a couple of weeks South by Southwest starts. We didn't go last year. The first night we tried to get in to see a show (Dressy Bessy at Emo's), they turned us away because we didn't purchase the almighty (and expensive) wristband. This year we've talked about forking over the big bundle of cash, but we haven't made it down to the ticket outlet yet. I just can't bear to miss all the awesome shows again. Calvin will be there this year, as will Chicks on Speed and Add N to (X). Dressy Bessy makes a return engagement and Holly Golightly will cross the Atlantic.

I don't mind so much the after-school-special-ly episodes of Buffy. They still prove to keep me glued. The writers played Willow's "problem" rather heavy-handedly. But I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to both Buffy and Angel. And I look forward to The Watcher spin-off. Jason, did you mention that it is to be a BBC-produced show? Does that mean we won't get to see Giles unless we move to England or buy a super-duper hi-tech digital cable outfit like Liza and Rusty have?

We bought the Buffy game and played it for the first time last Sunday. Lots of fun for not a lot of money! Eric played Evil and I played Good. Good prevailed (and with little difficulty, I should add). We're going to have to devise some house rules though, especially if we're playing with just two people. Eric didn't think it was fair that if you play Good you get Buffy, Willow, Xander and Oz and all their cool cards; whereas if you play Evil, you're only able to do evil deeds with your four cards and maybe an artifact card. He got a little testy when Buffy kicked the poop out of the Master and managed to save the world once again.

Rusty, the robot needs a soundtrack.

Pete Townshend's Dragon Flies

Well, suffice to say, Dragonfly wasn't that great. I wasn't expecting to be, so nothing lost, nothing gained. Just thought I'd report that to all 'yall, since you were so interested.

Jason, your love/hate for IT and all things IT always manages to crack me up. I really believe that it is you who have the touch and the power. Stan Bush (George's even lesser known brother) had you in mind, not Optimus.

Lately David will be rocking Neil's in Midtown Memphis on March 7. This is a Thursday, so I'm sure none of you will be there. I just thought I'd let you know.

Tommy's Jargon
i just have to tell someone this

This girl I've been seeing, she's afraid of bunnies. And she has Anya-ish red hair (well, when Anya had red hair) too. But she's never watched Buffy, so she doesn't understand why I giggle a little every time she mentions this fear. And it takes too long to explain.

Saturday, February 23, 2002

"We talk T.V. You talk some T.V.?"

Yep, Anthony Stewart Head wants to spend more time with his family in England, which led to the idea of a BBC co-produced show about Giles. It may or may not not be ready to air by next TV season. Buffy: The Animated Series will supposedly air next season, though it hasn't been announced on what network yet. It should be interesting to see how it turns out, because they're using the same writers and actors from the live-action show, and keeping it within the continuity of the regular series (set during the first season of the live-action show).

I think Cousin It is a whole lot better than IT.

I need to go by Wal-Mart tonight to see if their street-date-breaking trend holds up with FWWM...

I think the real reason Waking Life and all the other animated films under consideration that didn't get nominated were looked over by the academy is because they didn't have Happy Meal-type tie-ins with fast food chains. (Disney's Atlantis wasn't submitted, but it had a kids' meal, so it no doubt would have scored a nomination as well.)

A tidbit relating to the Transformers movie as dramatized in the comic book image from above...
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE STAN BUSH MUSIC VIDEO ON THIS PAGE. DO NOT BE TEMPTED BY THE TOUCH AND THE POWER. YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. It's bad enough that it actually aired on television at one time, it doesn't need to be seen again.

Friday, February 22, 2002

New Toys

I think I remember Liza telling me about Giles now. On the BBC right?

Hmmm, maybe we should visit Nyleva on B&S day...

I am indeed Tommy's intellectual giant. Dragonfly? I'd see Mothman over that, if I had to pick a "big star who I don't care for too much in creepy movie" movie. The bald kid scared me the first time, but now he/she? just gets on my nerves.

I watch TV. I brag about watching TV.

And all this time I thought It was the thing from The Addams Family. I mean the "it," not the thing. Thing is the thing... or the hand. Man, I'm confused.

So I'm all dissed out, and now I just have to get dissed by 3 guys and 2 gals (my committee, who are probably reading this) a week from tomorrow (Friday). I've made two songs and two partial songs in the meantime, and now I'm ready to jump full in.

Everyone should know I bought two Star Wars I games. Today I bought a card game called Clash of the Lightsabers, which I haven't played yet, but it seems like it might be fun (or might sux, I can't tell). The other is the Jar Jar's adventure game, which actually seems like a good game for a kid, though not for an adult very much. They were both five bucks, same as Buffy, which is worth fifty.

Lambchop's new CD came out last Tuesday. Fire Walk With Me comes out on DVD Tuesday. Joe Versus the Volcano comes out April 2. Mulholland Drive comes out April 9. I'll gladly accept these as graduation gifts, but you should tell me first so I don't get them for myself. I've already bought the first two on this list. Actually, everyone should just get me an Amazon gift certificate. I'll make life simple. Or cold hard cash. Maybe a hooker. I've never had a hooker, T.J. or otherwise...

Millhouse is still funny: "whazzzzuuuuup!?!" Nyleva gave me a Valentine with Millhouse on it. I have it sitting next to the flower that Liza gave me for Valentine's day, the one that she took from the boquet I gave her. Nyleva choo-choo chooses me!

This would be the oddest message for anyone who hasn't been following.

Liza made me watch some of olympics tonight. Has art always been considered sports? I kept waiting for the ballet competition or something. "Requiring physicality" does not equal "sport" in my definition of the word. To me, chess is more of a sport than figure skating, because there's a clear winner and loser. I might define sport as a game you play with your body where there is a clear winner, nothing subjective. Football. Baseball. Tennis. But not drum corps (no clear winner). And not poker (no body).

Who cares? Scarecrow and Mrs. King do perhaps.

I'm going to bed, y'all. Three dollar bill, y'all.


Thursday, February 21, 2002

I felt somewhat of an obligation to make a comment here...

Get IT now!

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I'm still here...

Yes. Tommy still lives. This is good news for most of you. No. I have not forgotten about the robot. I've been reading all of your lovely posts and what not. I enjoy reading. I may be more of a responder than even Jason. Especially in the presence of such intellectual giants that are here on the robot.

Bob Dylan is great. I know he's old and all that good stuff, but he's still great. I like his all war blown voice and everything. Sure he sounds like poop warmed over, but he's still the man. He is the man, Thomas.

I'm sure I'm going to see Dragonfly this weekend. I'm unsure as it's Kevin Costner. He's a bad actor that happens to be in very good movies.

I don't watch any TV at all. I don't even watch movies these days. Just lots of reading and writing some new songs. This is good, I suppose, but they're still not as good as Dylan's. They're not even as good as Spell's, but I like them all the same.

Tommy Rundgren

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

diss and datt

Oh yeah, people knew it was a rip-off. But only recently has the Cleo line been ripping off so many people that the feds decided to step in. Which I guess means that not everyone knew it was a rip-off. Sad.

Maybe Waking Life is different because in Waking Life, the cartoons are superimposed on the live-action, while things in the animation category need to be "pure cartoon"? I dunno. I'm just throwing things out here.

In the movie, only snippets of songs are heard (as you'd expect). I spotted three or four songs I hadn't heard, but there were some old ones too. Like The State I Am In, which was (in my opinion) in a really appropriate scene.

Wow! A Giles spinoff!

I like Law and Order because it really is good on the law. I mean, I can (and have) actually have geeky conversations with my law school classmates about the show. So for me, it's fun.

New Belle and Sebastian schedule out. Nyleva--they'll be in Austin!
Rusty Gets Dissed

I'm up putting together my dissertation. That sounds funny for some reason.

I also spent a few minutes reading Steph's blog, which I haven't looked at as regularly as I used to lately. I too meant to mention on my blog how much I enjoy Stephin Merritt's Eban and Charley soundtrack. Some good poop, especially the songs with lyrics.

I thought it was a given that phoneline stuff was a rip-off. People are just now figuring this out?

They've been tracing live action for cartoons since at least Snow White, so nothing illegal about that.

I'm anxious to see Storytelling, but even more anxious to hear the soundtrack. At Amazon, they say it won't be out till May. What's the dealeo with that? Obviously it's finished, or else the movie couldn't be out. Color me confused.

If I had a TV, I wouldn't miss Law and Order or Malcolm in the Middle. I don't dig them. Liza watches the first one a lot. The second one, I just listen to the theme song then turn the channel.

A Giles spinoff? Wow. Like I said, he's my favorite character. What's it going to be, Frasier with vampires or something?

Nyleva liked tonight's episode of Angel so kindly that she called in the middle of it to tell us so. I didn't see it, since I'm such an order fanatic for shows with ongoing plotlines and I'll just wait for the Angel DVDs. I have such a new appreciation for M*A*S*H now that I get to see it in order, and it's pretty darn episodic. I'm surprised I watch The Practice since I missed years of it, but I do. Actually, I'm surprised I watch The Practice at all. It doesn't seem like something I'd like. It's the only drama I've watched in years and years. Usually I just watch the funny ha ha. And I'm surprised at how much I like it. I think it's really really really good. The stories actually make me nervous and worried and stuff, and I can't think of any current TV that does that for me.

I told someone I watched The Practice and he said "Why don't you just go watch ER while you're at it?" but I think ER is a piece of sh*t. Of course, the only show that I absolutely despise is Sex in the City, which Liza watches. It's the only show I absolutely have to leave the room for. In second place is Seventh Heaven which Liza also watches (she watches everything, yes) and which makes me puke. I sort of refuse to believe she actually likes it.

As long as Waking Life is better than The Newton Boys, I'll be okay.

Jason win the Blog Joke of the Day award with his final paragraph on the last posting. Of course, they might actually have to make Star Trek: Law and Vampires.
Jason does some more respondifying

I think the main problem with Buffy this season is how heavy-handed and ultra-serious some of the writers have handled all the angst. I've read that creator Joss Whedon hasn't been quite as hands-on this season as before, being all busy starting production on the Buffy animated series, the Giles spinoff, his new sci-fi series Firefly, and yet another possible series that's been hinted at, not to mention the Buffy-related comics he's written. Maybe the other Buffy writers need him around more to keep them from going over the top on stuff like they have--particularly with Willow's storyline this season, which has practically turned the show into an Afterschool Special at times. Angel has somehow managed to stay much more stable quality-wise... despite the annoying way they still introduce major new plotlines, then completely ignore them for a few months before finally doing anything with them.

Anyway, after tonight's episode of Angel, I think I've figured out why I'm liking it more this season--I can really identify with the characters more than the ones on Buffy nowadays... but that's actually pretty depressing, I suppose.

DVD Animania says that Waking Life is tentatively scheduled for a DVD release in April, so hopefully I'll finally get to see it then. (I seriously doubt it'll be playing in Starkville, Mississippi anytime before the Earth gets swallowed up by the sun, despite the theater there having had a poster for it...)

Now that Miss Cleo's been busted, maybe she'll stop sending me all those urgent emails about how she had a dream about my future. Assuming she already hasn't... I wouldn't know, since I have my mail filters working overtime to reject them all. You know it's probably only a matter of time now before NBC starts airing Law and Order: Psychic Hotline Fraud Unit. The way things are going, pretty soon the only shows on TV will be either Law & Order or Buffy spinoffs. Then they'll have no choice but to make Law and Order: Vampire Slayer Unit.

Saturday, February 16, 2002

jason in the buffy giving congrats two rusty

Occasionally, I miss having a television. Not enough to actually get one, mind you, because I now have so much more time. But I still get an occasional pang or two. And Buffy's one of then.1 But people at work give me updates, so I still kinda sorta keep up.

Angel is now better than Buffy? That's too bad.

Glad the psychic vibes are working, though now that fraud charges are being filed against Miss Cleo, I guess I'd better stop advertising.

Yes yes, I liked Ghost World tons. And Waking Life really should've been nominated. I mean, they used fancy schmancy electronic computers for that movie, too, I think. Kinda sorta. Though maybe it didn't count completely as a cartoon because the whole animation was drawn on top of real footage?

On another movie note, I should report that Storytelling turned out to be a pretty good first date movie. Though not an all-powerful first date movie, as I'm now home at 1:30 am posting on blogger. But still pretty good.

1. My other pangs are Law and Order (the original one, not the various spin-offs) and Malcolm in the Middle.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Happy Vampires Day

Without spoiling any big plot developments for Rusty, Buffy does start to develop more of that depressing-relationshippy stuff as it goes on, but at least the second and third seasons still keep it all in its place, IMO. Season 3 is well worth watching for the Mayor and Faith at the very least. Since then, the show hasn't been as consistently good, and IMHO Angel actually manages to be the better show a lot of the time now. Buffy Season 5 did still manage to pull off a few of the best moments of the series, though.

I think the current season (the 6th) really has ventured too far into the realm of becoming what the show had once parodied. The writers say they're trying something different this year, having the "big badness" of the season come from the characters' personal struggles rather than the usual big supernatural villain-of-the-year. Alas, I feel like they've been rather unsuccessful at pulling it off and still keeping things as entertaining as before in many of this season's episodes.

Those Oscars are mostly a big studio popularity contest. I watched the DVD of the previously-mentioned Japanese-animated film Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (which they had at Best Buy for $5 off, yay!) last night, and while it sure isn't the best film ever, it's not bad, and it's got more visual style, artistic direction, and quality animation in its little demon-possessed finger than Jimmy Neutron has in its entire freakishly-enormous head.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Rusty Pop Rocks

Um, thanks, Carrie. Never had anyone congratulate me (or whatever you did) by showing a picture of a baby lemur (or whatever that was). You're a cool kid, Care.

Hey, Jason. I'm a responder too. Unless I feel the need to talk. So I guess I'm both, but I'd rather be a responder.

I kinda like Buffy for that reason too. The 90210 stuff was always happening a neusance, more or less, while they were trying to kill vampires. Buffy gets grounded or something. I've only seen one or two that weren't from the DVD, but it seems like in the later ones, that it does turn more into 90210 with relationships and stuff, and it seems more depressing and less parodic. Is this true, or just me? Maybe I'll only like season one.

Yeah, you need the freakin' game. Everyone needs to get their copy before they go out of print and you're left without one of the most fun games ever. Liza and I played all four "stories" from the game this week. She was good each time and I was e-vil like the De-vil. I won the first two and the won the second two. I'm going to convince her to be e-vil for the new four go-rounds, but she says she likes being the goody two shoes.

Yay for David Lynch, even though he won't win. I gave award shows a chance with the Golden Testicles/Boobs (whichever you prefer), but those were crappy too. I mean, movie award nominations and winners aren't as bad as, say, the Grammy's (in which only the worst music made seems to be involved), but they're still kinda bad.

I still haven't seen Waking Life, but it's not my fault. I'm sure the committe just said, "Oh yeah, I forgot that was a cartoon." People have this animation = children's movie ideas stuck in their heads, even though even from the beginning of animation that's never necessarily been true. Kids just like them more than live action: or, "all kids like cartoons, but not all cartoons are for kids."

So yeah, part two of comps are done, so the worst is over. The worst was today, but I zipped through it, probably writing twice as much as I really needed to, but I had a lot of info in my brain I wanted to get rid of on paper. Even though I guess I'll keep it in my brain in case I need it for, you know, teaching English and stuff.

So thanks, Carrie and Jason. You guys rock the juke box.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Rusty Rocks Comps

Okay, I may still be posting semi-regularly to the BMT, but only short replies, and I haven't really left here. The Truck just always has so much more conversation going on than the Robot, which some of those talkative BMTers couldn't be bothered to ever post to. I'm just more of a replier (is that a word?) than a conversation-starter, especially right now. But I'm here now because now I've got stuff to reply to. And because Steph's psychic vibrations are helping. (Like that one old psychic hotline commercial said, the psychic energy that travels over the phone lines can be even more powerful than in person!) Yay! Am I making sense? I shouldn't get up at 7 in the morning, it just doesn't feel right for me to be awake unless it's all dark outside.

Back when it first came on, I thought Buffy was gonna be just some kid show-ish thing like Rusty said. Once I actually started watching it, what I first really liked was how it was basically the anti-90210. It took all these melodramatic issues that everyone always treats like end-of-the-world life-and-death struggles in those angsty teen shows and parodied them, turning them into over-the-top literal end-of-the-world life-and-death struggles. I think the first episode I saw was the one where Xander falls in with a bunch of kids in "the wrong crowd"--getting into trouble when they turn out to be a gang of evil hyena-people.

I really like the wit and humor and dialogue and characters, and the fact that the show can be deep and meaningful without ever taking itself too seriously. When it all comes down to it, it's a show about simple everyday life, only viewed through a freakishly distorted lens.

In case any of the Buffy fanatics here haven't seen it, the never-aired half-hour Buffy pilot episode is out there on the internet. Basically a shorter and not-as-good version of the first episode, with a different and not-as-cute Willow. I can't remember where I originally found it, but it's probably still easily findable with search engines and stuff.

I still need to get and play that freakin' Buffy game...

I see ol' Dave Lynch got a Best Director nomination for the bald guy statue awards, and Frodo and friends got a bunch of recognition too. At least there's that... but Jimmy Neutron for animated feature??? In a year where Waking Life and Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis were under consideration but didn't get nominated? (Okay, I haven't seen the whole Jimmy Neutron movie, just a few of the short minute-long excerpts that Nickelodeon has shown on TV, but those were horrible and ugly and bad enough to make me want to retch. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, which was also eligible but didn't get nominated, looks like friggin' Citizen Kane in comparison...) How much bribe money did Nickelodeon/Viacom have to shell out to the Academy for this? Or was it a case of "OOOOH! They used some o' them fancy schmancy electronic computors to make that movie, so they must really know what they're doing, and that means it has to be rilly good and kewl!"

Good luck on the rest of them test things, Rusty.
One Down, Two To Go

So I'm checking in now that I've completed comp-one. It was the creative writing one, which is basically a lot about contemporary authors and aspects of the story in general. I feel one-third lighter now, really. I think I did okay, and if I didn't, I'll come back and edit this out later. But I think I did fine. I almost even though "Aw, what was I worried about?" but if I didn't worry, then I wouldn't have studied, and I would have flunked it -- cause it is a hard test if you're not ready, and it was hard enough anyway, if for nothing else than the fact that it took four hours. For little attention-span guys like me that's a long time.

Monday is the test on the Modernists, Pound and Yeats and those fellers. That might be the hardest, although some say that the one I took today was the hardest. Friday is the test on Harold Pinter.

Hey, Nyleva. We love Clyde Frog. I can't wait to see the pictures. You should send me scans when you develop them. Nyleva is one of my two favorite photographers. The other is Liza.

I'm just glad The Breeders are breeding again. And I hope Mr. Philips was doing well at his club. I haven't seen them ever, but then again I've only seen just a tad of folks. Living in Hattiesburg, you know: culture capital of the south. At least they have me, but not for long.

If Nyleva could come up for another day, she could recorded another Mnemonic Devices song with me for the album I'm gonna make as soon as this week's over. The criteria for appearing on this album is that you have to be cute and have a degree in English (I've got seven gals lined up right now who fit the criteria -- oh, and me, and I'm the cutest). I'm thinking of calling it Sparkling Objective Correlatives or something with that phrase in it (yeah, so I've been reading too much T.S. Eliot, but it seems to fit somehow). Everyone has enough trouble saying or remembering the title of the band, so I'll screw people even more.

Good ol' Buffy. I don't know if Jason knows this yet (I'm sure Liza told Nyleva), but I've been watching the Buffy shows with Liza on her season one DVDs. I don't really want to become an all-out fan and watch new ones or catch up on old ones, but I'll watch them on the DVDs as they are gradually released. I like watching things in order. I actually try to avoid the TV when Liza's watching new ones, since I want to keep myself ignorant of the developments. Anyway, I like the show pretty well (the few minutes I had watched of it previously seemed like a kids' show, which is sort of is, but not in so much a bad way as I thought). Giles is my favorite character. Willow is cute, and Buffy looks pretty hot in those mini-dresses (which Liza tells me she loses in later seasons, which is the saddest development of all).

Oh, and everyone should be playing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game, which is in my top five board games of all time (seriously). I bought one for Liza a while back, and I recently bought one for myself in case she leaves me, and because they only cost $5 at our Toys R Us (though they seem to cost $25 at lots of places). You have to say things every now and then like "I'm going to use my soul restoration card," but don't worry that it's too D&D or anything, or Magic: it has some of those nerdy elements, but it's mostly just a good board game. Search your Toys R Us-es!

Hey, Steph. I can't wait for Storytelling myself, though when I go it won't be a first date. I'm sure I'll have to drive to New Orleans for it, and I keep checking the date at the cinema I go to when I go there, and no luck yet. I don't know when it becomes more widespread than it is now.

And speaking of movies, I also saw Ghost World and liked it a great deal. I know Steph and Nyleva liked it (unless I misunderstood something, which I do sometimes). None of my friends liked it, or if they did, they thought it was "okay" instead of "good" or "really good." The Thora Birch character is my new girlfriend, by the way. Liza doesn't mind, since she's invisible.

And, Jason, I have to say... I'm a little hearbroken that you left the robot, but you still post on the Bulky Mail Truck. Traitor! And right when I've got all this Buffy-related stuff to talk about! Again, hurry back.

Ahhh... anyway, just wanted to breath a long sigh of relief, a one-third sigh. Today was the first day I haven't studied in weeks, though I'll cram again tomorrow. Come Friday, I'll be floating around the room, writing music and working on my dissertation (I know that sounds like work, too, but it's not -- I'm putting together a collection of short stories and writing an introducing, not writing one of those big long things like Nyleva had to do... I wrote my a little at a time over three years). I also plan on putting on a music show, maybe in March or April, or whenever I finish the album, hopefully having all the singers from the album sing on stage for their songs. Oh, if only everyone just followed me and lived wherever I did...


Monday, February 11, 2002

same same same

I, too, hope they'll be back soon. Their respective breaks, however, seem pretty understandable. :| (Rusty, Jason -- imagine me looking all concentrate-ey and sending good evibes your way.)

I wanna go to Emo's! Nyleva -- you're in Austin? (I'm slow figuring these things out, yeah.) I might actually be swinging by there sometime during the next six months; a good friend of mine from law school moved out there last June and he keeps sending me cheapo fare announcements.

So hard to suggest which record to try first! Right now, my favorite is actually their short five-song EP, Forbidden Love. But you can decide in advance! A lot of their songs are downloadable at

Oh, so I've gone and done something silly. I'm using Storytelling as a first-date movie. I think I might end up regretting this. More later.

Sunday, February 10, 2002

No Aloha

I am sad that Rusty and Jason have to take temporary leave of the robot. Don't tarry too long!

It was ab-fab to see Liza and Rusty during my four-day trek to Central Mississippi. It's so very hard to pack in everything you want to say to your bestest friends in the universe in a mere 90 minutes! I had a swell time at ye olde playground with Clyde Frog, the yellow duck and two of the kewlest peeps I know.

Recently Eric and I saw The Breeders at Emo's. It was an especially fun show for me since I LUV Kim Deal and haven't seen The Breeders since 1994 at the New Daisy Theatre in Memphis. The show had all the rock 'n roll rowdiness you could want, with a couple of f**k you's and middle fingers to boot. I was a tad bit sad that the set only lasted for about 40 minutes and there was a lot of sloppiness in that small amount of time. I guess the alcohol had a little to do with that. But we had a great time despite the misspoken lyrics and the wrangled guitar parts. I'd go see them again in a heartbeat! A worthy sidenote for Buffy watchers: The Breeders opened their set with a lively rendition of the BtVS theme song. Doublemint goodness!

Rusty, buena suerte on comps! I'm sure you'll kick arse.

Steph, any suggestions on which Death Cab for Cutie record to try first? I've intended to give them a whirl for so long now. I'd say it's about time.

And, finally, to paraphrase Angel: If you love her so much, go make a website.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Hurry Back, Jason

I may be taking a leave of absence from the robot myself. This is my last week to study for comps, so that's what I'm doing. Next week is the week. Mabye by the time I get back, Jason will come back. The robot isn't the robot without Jason.

... In the meantime, Steph and Nyleva and everyone else can take over the shop. I might pop in every now and then when I've had enough Modernism for one day.

Sunday, February 03, 2002

A Few Things

The LunchBots selector was messed up for a while recently (don't know how long), and was displaying some weird(-er than normal) questions, in case anyone was wondering. The notice they've added to the page about taking the "3" out of the URL doesn't work (at least not yet), but I've gone and fixed the questions back... unless they've gotten messed up again since, that is.

I have the stressful being-back-in-the-drum-line-and-not-being-ready-for-the-show dream every now and then, too myself. Like most of my dreams, it usually ends when I begin questioning the logic of the dream world--like why I'm in my 20's and taking college classes, but playing in a high school band.

Top 5 Cowboy Bebop soundtrack songs I've been listening to a lot lately:
1. Gotta Knock a Little Harder
2. See You Space Cowboy
3. Is It Real?
4. Rain
5. No Reply

Certain recent events have forced me to think about a lot of things about myself, and try to make some changes for the better. I've always been big on self-control, and while I think it's a good thing that keeps lots of bad stuff from happening, maybe I've been a little too self-controlling. Maybe I'd actually get the things I want out of life a little more often if I listened to my feelings and acted on them more often. I could at least stand to be a more active participant in conversations with people. That's just what I'm thinking.

Seeing as how the BlogBot's supposed to be for non-depressing stuff, I'll just leave it at that, and I'll probably be here a lot less often until such time as I feel more up to full Bloggificating fun again. Rusty, it's been fun. Steph, try to help Rusty keep the Robot running and powered up with Blogs in my absence, 'cause you've always got interesting stuff to say. As that great actor once said... "I'll be back."

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Dreams Again

My dreams seem to work as therapy. They usually act out dramatically some problem I've having in my brain, something I'd rather not think of much during the day.

Either that, or I dream up ideas.

Lately, I've been waking up wondering where I am or who I'm in the bed with. About once or twice a year, I'll have dreams about being back in the drumline, which is usually scary, since it's me not knowing the set or something on the football field. Of course underwear dreams.


Friday, February 01, 2002

dream worlds

My dreams are never so exciting. Actually, they were, once upon a time. I would dream about things like people morphing into penguins morphing into jet planes and stuff.

Now I have all-too-realistic dreams, dreams about summer travels, dreams about the frustration that comes with trying to get everyone to meet on time at this one spot so that we can all go somewhere else together, dreams about people trying to kill me. I guess that last part isn't so realistic, but hey. Those are my favorite ones, the dreams with the spies and the people trying to kill me.