Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Shopping Rules

The widely-accepted rule is that any multiples of identical items are counted as one. Anything that the cashier can scan once, then hit a couple of buttons to multiply it by the number you're buying, that is. In theory, you could buy 358,741 two-liter bottles of Diet Mountain Dew and it would only count as one item, so that rule does have a loophole open to some abuse.

Does a bear wipe in the woods?

The thing that really bothers me about that commercial is the look on the bear when he uses the toilet paper. Like he's in a state of bliss--like he's thinking "Oh yeeeeaaaaah... this feels sooooo gooooooood!" Ew.

TV is so much better when it's commercial-free and on your own time. Teevo (sp?) might be the way to go. TV on DVD is the best way, cause it sounds better and stuff too. But, yes, Steph should join us... She knows she wants to.


You know, when the sun comes out, it's time to sleep. At least for me, but I'm traditional.

Bear Butts

I thought of the family of bears smiling and wiping their asses together too. It's just wrong.


I don't know what an item is either. I tend to count everything as individual so as not to piss off Liza and Jason who always stand behind me in line. Like I count each grape. Well, maybe not each grape, but each peach. It's all so confusing.


They Might Be Giants have a very good children's album out now called No!. No means no.

Ugly Cassanova

Modest Mouse's lead singer's album is also pretty snazzy.

The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 2

I've almost done with volume two, so Steph can think I'm even more crazy (in a good way). I'll finish Vol. 3 even sooner. I'm mailing one to Stephin and Claudia when I'm done, so they can kill me.

So I've always wondered this--what makes something an item and something else not? Like if you had two apples, is it two items or one? Or is it one only if you put them in a bag? And then if you can make two apples one item by putting them in a bag, then what if you put two boxes of the same cereal in a bag?

Monday, June 24, 2002

Car trouble
Jason, I'm very sorry to hear about all your car trouble this weekend. It frustrates me just thinking about it. My head probably would have popped off my body like a champagne cork. (I get frustrated easily sometimes.)

Potty humor
Speaking of happy toilet paper, you know what commercial really kind of grosses me out? The one with the bears in the woods using toilet paper. I can't remember the brand, but there's just something disturbing and icky about seeing a cartoon bear leaning against a tree, reading the newspaper, and reaching for a roll of toilet paper. Anyone else with me on this?

20 means 20, not 22
As far as the 20 items of less, I always try to be very conscientious about this. Sometimes, even when I really have less than 20, but it looks like I have more, I'll just go in the regular line. I don't want people to look at me and think I'm one of those 20 items or less rule breakers.

check it out
Those self-checkout lanes make me kind of nervous. They just make me feel like a cheater/thief or something. Don't know what it is...

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Wish I Wasn't Here
(or Yet Another Member of the Robot Rants and Whines About Something)

Car was in the shop all week. Get it back Friday, just in time to go out of town for the weekend. Stupid thing dies a few miles from the house and won't start for about 45 minutes. I get back on the road and try to make my way back home (or at least to a convenient place where I can leave it parked and get indoors out of the heat) and it dies again in the turn lane right in front of the gas station down the road from my house. A police-assisted push and another 45 minutes or so later (not to mention phone calls to everyone in town I could think of, none of whom could help), I finally get it started again and make it home. Got it fixed today... turns out it was just one lousy stupid little corroded wire telling the car it was overheating, when it really wasn't, and shutting down the engine. A little too late for my trip, and I'm still pretty exhausted from spending all that time in the hot car, and my leg is all cramped up. Ow.

Well, Steph, it's pretty much inevitable that someday you're going to have a computer with a DVD-ROM drive (assuming you don't already), and you're going to be tempted to succumb to the DVD-watching obsession the rest of us here have. Of course, at least with watching shows and movies on DVD you can be in total control of when you watch, and don't have to sit through the commercials and crap they throw at you on TV... Join us... Join us...

Bedtime...? What is this... "bedtime" thing of which you speak, Steph? I'm unfamiliar with the concept.

This thing bothers me. I think there are some inanimate objects just shouldn't be turned into cute cartoon characters, and toilet paper is one of them. Think about this: It looks so happy, and it doesn't know what it's going to be used for... or it does know, and is still happy... Ew.

Maybe San-X is just running out of ideas for characters. That might explain the cat. Or maybe they're secretly using the cat to try to hunt down and take out Hamtaro and the Ham-Ham Gang as their popularity grows.

One of these days, I'm gonna actually remember to email Steph like I've been meaning to. I'm just stupd and lazy sometimes.

Minor annoyance of the day: Since Suncoast is selling trade paperback collections of Japanese comics at cover price, then why do they feel compelled to put price stickers on them? They're not even bar-coded stickers, just plain ones with "$9.99" hand-written on them. It already says that on the cover and on the big display that they have them in. The clerks just scan the barcode on the cover at the checkout, so they don't need it. At least it's an easy-to-peel-off sticker.

Less-minor annoyance of the day: I demand strict enforcement of the "20 items or less" policy at supermarket express lane checkouts! Do I keep getting stuck behind people who can't read? Or people who somehow lack the ability to count? I also demand more of those self-checkout lanes like they have at the K-Mart in Jackson. I rarely have any reason to go there, but damn those things are convenient.

Ending this on a non-rant-ish note: I don't know if anyone else is, but I'm looking forward to the Powerpuff Girls Movie in a couple of weeks. They're showing the Devo music video on Cartoon Network right now. Go Monkey Go!

Friday, June 21, 2002

all this buffy talk

Makes me sad that I haven't seen the show in awhile. But not sad enough to actually get a tv, because man I have so much more free time to do other things without that tv. Plus I can read about Buffy on the web, which is not the perfect substitute, but hey.

Instead, I've been seeing a bunch of bands that show up at The Black Cat--wish you all were here, because I bet you'd be easier to convince to come see shows with me than my friends here, who all seem to have a bedtime of 10pm. Ugh, the responsible world! I hate it.

But that's whiny! Wouldn't you rather meet the new San-X characters? Like the tissue paper dude. Or the cat. Which is just a cat. I can't believe they're calling it a "character."

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Returning To Rant

Everyone should know that I tripped and fell (the excuse "um... I fell" seeming believable because of this experience) and busted myself all up. Nothing horrible, but bad for me, who never has accidents. I tripped on something in the hallway and fell on everything on the way down, mostly the piano, I think. I have a little scratch above my eye, two carpet burn scabs around my elbows, a toe that was in pain for a few hours, a left wrist that still hurts after two days (especially when I type: ouch), and a big scabby gash on my right shoulder that now looks like Smog the dragon. And it also bent my glasses, but I got them repaired today.

It's fun stuff.

GCEA are the notes you use to tune your ukulele strings. I always forget that. Maybe I should come up with a mnemonic device, you know, like my band. Good Cows Eat Ass? I was combining the piano ones.

I won't talk about media... I won't talk about media... I won't talk about media...

Okay, I have nothing more to talk about. I'm trying my best to get into rant mode. I'm trying to get off on a rant here, like Dennis Miller doesn't try to do. He was on Politically Incorrect tonight. I know that's media, but this doesn't count, cause I'm mostly just sad that that show's going off the air. I dug it very kindly. It has seven more episodes to go. I like you, Bill.

Here's to Bill!

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

In the Buff

What gives you the idea that there are Buffy fans on here?
For Buffy Fans

Got this message in my e-mail box....

Contributions are sought for a collection of essays titled Monsters and Metaphors: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Essays should focus on episodes from the first six seasons of the television series but may also incorporate the original film and episodes from Angel. This critical anthology seeks to position the series within larger social and literary trends and traditions. Welcome approaches include monster theory, liminality, gender studies, psychology- and sociology-oriented readings, comparative analyses, and cultural studies. Send 2-page abstracts no later than 1 October 2002 or inquiries to Christopher Weimer, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures, 309 Gundersen Bldg., Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK 74078. Email: CBWeimer@aol.com.

Monday, June 17, 2002

I'm back

All this week when I wasn't working, sleeping, eating, or lying in bed with a massive sinus headache, I've been spending almost every minute of time watching DVDs. I got the Buffy season 2 set this week, too. I haven't had a chance to watch it though, since my backordered-for-two-months boxset of Neon Genesis Evangelion was finally shipped to me this week, and I have been caught up in its insanity. And I use that word "insanity" in a very literal sense. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a Japanese animated series that starts out as a show about children who may be something more than ordinary children recruited to pilot giant robots that may be more than mere machines in order to fight giant genocidal monsters called Angels who may be exactly what their name implies. It then gradually takes the seemingly typical giant robot anime into directions such shows hadn't followed before its time, and eventually descends into depression, madness, schizophrenia, and what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown in animated form, seemingly tossing the plot completely out the window to spend the final episodes inside the mind of the lead character. (The director reportedly was dealing with a terrible period of depression in his life at the time, and it shows.) Trippy stuff. I wouldn't call it the best anime series ever, as the sticker on the box does, and I think it is slightly overrated by many, but I can see why it's passionately loved (and hated) by lots of people, and has been copied by lots of shows that came afterwards.

The Buffy season finale was good, and a good resolution to the storylines and themes of the season.

Overall, I think the season had some major problems (and Joss Whedon has actually said he's looked back at how a bunch of things could have been done much better), and it just meandered all over the place and dragged on too long in spots before the final few episodes where everything started falling into place and setting the storylines of Warren completely being corrupted by power and ambition and Willow being driven insane in motion. It might be better when viewed as a continuous whole over a shorter period of time, rather than spread out in chunks of new episodes interspersed with reruns over the course of a TV season. Maybe the pacing will work out better when I re-watch it that way.

I liked Xander's moment of heroism, proving himself once again the Heart of the group, saving the world with his unconditional love for his best friend. About time he got the chance and the guts to be the hero (and actually get recognized as such).

The development with Spike at the end was pretty interesting, and it should be fun to see where that goes next season. Interesting that the one character who was warning everyone all season long about the consequences of messing with powerful magic and wishes and such ends up asking for and getting something that's no doubt gonna cause him more trouble than ever before...

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Okay, where is everyone?

I have finally received and watched the season finale of Buffy. I was very pleased and can't wait until next season to see what develops. Hopefully I'll be somewhere where I get the stupid UPN.

Jason, (and anyone else who watches and enjoys the Buffy) do you have any comments on the season finale???

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Just so you all know, I rule the school.

I am the proud new owner of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2. I had to buy it at the mall, Walmart and Sam's didn't have it, but at least it was on sale for $49.99.

There are a lot of good episodes on this season. I will slowly but surely work my way through them all in the next week or so.

Just wanted to share the joy with you fine folks. Now I bid you farewell.

Monday, June 10, 2002

I do post here, Lizard. But rather infrequently, I must admit. All that work to sign in and stuff. Wow. Thanks for the great compliment. All you Love and Letters watchers out there, I hope to begin work on my new/next solo record in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. Hopefully, it'll be ready by summer's end. "The Story Goes" is on the short list for being included. Pretty much all the newer tunes I've written are going to make an appearance. I also hope that Dr. Spell will be producing again. I plan on having a bit more "hands on" with this one, but I'd like to use the same type of approach. It's nice to record them and then just to let them go, and Rusty is sympathetic to some of those song's needs. Hoepfully, he can work is magic.
Speaking of all the music stuff, www.latelydavid.net went down for a while and Danny and I had to redo alot of it. The sad thing was that our guestbook went the way of the dinosaur. We need people to sign it, so get your booties over there to sign the Lately David guestbook! Say nice things, now...Also, there some new pics, so look around.
And while we're on the subject of websites being redone, the good old Tommy Burton Adventure had been facelifted. (Can "facelift" be a verb?)
Anyway, hope to see all of you soon...
Tommy Burton--Parsidential Aide and Confidante.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Jason, I would like to have one of those Buffy DVDs, but I'm not crazy. I'll just make due with my video copy and cd that Rusty made me from the video. I listen to that sucker at least once every out of town drive I make (by myself...I think hearing it once was enough for Rusty).

I am already waiting in line at the store to purchase Buffy season 2. (Not really, I'm actually sitting at my computer in my pajamas, but you know what I mean.)

(I'm all about the parentheses tonight.)

I made two somewhat noteworthy DVD purchases in the past few days. I got the special edition of "Memento" on Thursday night, and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" last night. I've already sung-along to the sing-along songs.

I can't remember if Tommy B. blogs, but just in case he does:
Tommy just wanted to let you know that I've had one of your songs stuck in my head for the past couple of days, the "that's the way the story goes" song. I thought you might get a kick out of that.

I'm Freddy.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Oh yeah...

If you really wanna throw around some money on DVDs and get some more digital Buffy goodness, you couild get one of the many "Once More With Feeling" special DVDs that were sent out with Daily Variety subscriptions for Emmy consideration and are popping up all over eBay...

Those things are going for too much for me, though. I'll just wait the 1 1/2 to 2 years I expect it'll take for them to release the Season 6 boxset...

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Hey Liza!

Welcome to the robot wackiness!

I'm all excited about the Buffy season 2 set. And hoping I won't have to wait to get a copy, since I gots bills to pay, and, depending on several things, I may end up being low on cash next week and won't be able to throw it around like Liza. :( I'll probably get it anyway and make myself skip some meals. I mean, who's got time for stuff like eating with all that Buffy to watch, anyway?

Random Thought of the Day

The guy in those Gateway Computers ads with the talking cow reminds me a little of Reggie Bannister from the Phantasm movies. Now they've got that new ad where the guy and cow are driving down the highway in a truck together, and the first thing that pops into my mind is an image of this guy and the cow driving into some small abandoned town and the two of them running around with flamethrowers and sawed-off quadruple-barreled shotguns, blasting evil dwarves and flying silver balls...

Just thought I'd share that.
Hello, all.

Not only have I finally joined Rusty's blog, I'm on Nyleva's, too. When I go, I go all out.

Jason, how excited are you about Buffy season 2? I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on those dvd's.

I think I'm going to pick up the special edition "Willy Wonka" and "Memento" as long as I'm spending all sorts of cash. I'm hoping Sam's Club will have all of them for some crazy discounted price.

Could be.