Sunday, October 27, 2002

New Phrase

A phrase I dreamed last night. I suggested something to some guy, and his way of saying "I'm with ya" or whatever was to say "Okay, I can put my worm on that hook."

Thursday, October 24, 2002

I'll Give This One a Title

I don't know if that was a Freudian slip on my part or what, but of course the real line is a little less conversation, a little more action. D'oh is me.

Used music stores are the best things ever. They have one in Austin that was actually so overwhelming in its largeness that I just had to walk away and prepare myself to come back when I had five hours and a pocketful of money.

You've seen The Ring? Now you have to die.

48 hour film project? Hey, that's how long it took to make our first full-length!

We'd have to worry about you if you liked Nirvana better than Pavement even before seeing the documentary. The only thing that Nirvana did was help make mainstream radio a little more tolerable for a few years (though not necessarily with their songs). I'll have to see this documentary. Is it as good as Meeting People Is Easy?

The Blob

...Speaking of Blobs, I've gone overboard. Too much Elvis and a lot less other stuff. I'm ODing on this stuff. It must be in Graceland's water. For somebody that wasn't too big an Elvis fan a few months back, I certainly have quite a bit of it.


I wathed Slow Century, the new Pavement documentary. I can officially say that I like Pavement better than Nirvana, as far as "important 90s bands" go. I stilll have all the groovy videos and concerts to enjoy. The actual documentary is really good, though. Pavement brings the good.

So, what's up with all this?

Tommy Blob

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I want a little more conversation and action too! Instead, all I get is writing (work) and unpacking (home). This is no good.

So I was in Berkeley for some conference, and man, they have some *amazing* used music stores over there. Like if you're ever there you should go to this place called Amoeba which has just so many albums you wouldn't believe. Oh, and Rasputin Records. I bought too many things of course. Which sucks because now I'm a partial homeowner and stuff so I have these mortgage payment thingies. (I'm adding thingies so as not to sound too adult, which is something I fear. Sounding too adult, I mean.)

I was supposed to see Spirited Away with a friend, but we both bailed on each other last week. Maybe this week. Instead, I've indulged in my love of dark awfulness, and watched The Ring and Das Experiment.

Speaking of 24-hour comics (and in light of the oncoming nanowrimo), you all seen the 48 Hour Film Project? Seems like something you'd be into.
Hey, I didn't even know the official Jason B. Bell website was open again...

Tommy needs to learn how to paragraph. This is the Blog, Tommy, not the Blob.

I pick on Tommy only because we're lovers. He needs to get in the bed with me.

I think it's funny that Tommy's buying Dressy Bessy and Pavement albums while I'm buying Bob Dylan. Something has flip-flopped in the universe.

I'm also thinking about buying Led Zeppelin albums. How's that for crazy?

And I know what I want to do my first (real) documentary on: sleep paralysis. I'll just put up posters describing it and see if anyone wants to talk about their creepy experiences on camera. I've gotta do some DIY documentary research first, about things like release forms and stuff, just in case I wanna take it to Cannes or Sundance or something later and become famous for something completely different, so that people can say things like "Why's that movie guy trying to write a book?"

Two things I want: (1) a little more conversation, (2) a little more action.

Kingsley Pres.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

New and exciting, kinda...
Well, in the spirit of new stuff being posted, I'll post too. Jason, you know you're always welcome to hang in Memphis whenever you like. I will be here. I'll even go to the movie with you.
Okay, I've been on a CD buying spree. I've got too much crap that I'll never get caught up on. Some of it, the brand new stuff, has been reviewed on We Like Media, so head over to my CD review page for those. As for the rest, here's the run down:
Yeah, I'm a sucker. I've been getting those new Rolling Stones reissues. In my defense, though, they sound unbelievable. I sort of picked one up as a test. I thought that I'd get one of my all time faves (Aftermath) and just see how good it sounded. Well, "Paint It Black" came springing out of the speakers and I knew that I was gonna be spending alot of money. The nice thing about the first run of these discs is that they are hybrids, consisting of a normal CD and the other layer is a Super Audio CD. Maybe I won't have to buy these damn albums again. Did I mention that they sound fantastic? So far, I've got Aftermath, Between The Buttons (UK), Their Satanic Majesties Request, Beggar's Banquet, and Let It Bleed.
In the used bin, I ran across some Bob Dylan I needed. I'm planning on having every Dylan album and I'm really almost done, believe it or not. I picked up Street Legal, Infidels, Empire Burlesque, and Dylan and the Dead (That's the Grateful ones, for those not in the know.).
I not only work for Elvis, but I buy his music, too. I had to grab up a few of his from work as RCA being the geniuses they are, are pulling some of these titles off the market. How many times can we repackage Elvis and squeeze the bucks out of fans? Anyway, I got Elvis Is Back, Pot Luck, and Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old). These three are leaving, so, if you need some Elvis and want these records, get them while they last. I also got the three disc special edition of That's The Way It Is. Amazingly good period for E. I also couldn't resist the box set called Live In Vegas. Elvis is King, alright.
I found two Marvin Gaye CDs on sale for 6.99 at Cat's. I can't resist super sales. And I really dig Marvin. I got I Want You, which the front cover is the painting as seen on the hit TV show Good Times. I haven't listened to this yet, so I have no idea. The other one I got was a curious LP called Here, My Dear. The story behind this was that Marvin was going through a nasty divorce from Anna Gordy (Motown boss Berry Gordy's sister) and the judge ruled that all the advances and royalties from his next LP would go to her. At first he wanted to just record a bunch of crap and became inspired to something really good. He recorded this very persoanl album of love and lost love and whatnot. It's strange, at best. The back cover features two hands reaching across a fake Monopoly board called "Judgement." The male hand is handing a record to the female hand. Under the male hand is a tape machine and a piano and under her hand is a car and money and a house. People are looking in the window. Anyway, it's heavy shit.
I managed to grab up the first two White Stripes records because I like the White Stripes. They are The White Stripes and De Stijl.
I got a record by an indie guy called David Wolfenberger. It's called Tales From Thom Scarecrow. It's a really good folk/pop type stuff. I saw him palying with Victoria Williams and Mark Olson a couple of weeks ago in Memphis and thought he was really good. Also at that show, I picked up Zola and the Tulip Tree by The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers, which is Mark and Victoria.
As for the rest, I got Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane's Rough Mix, because I like Ronnie and Pete. I got the reissue of Love's Forever Changes, which is a pretty important album. I got Dressy Bessy's first one, Pink Hearts Yellow Moons, and Bob Seger's Night Moves, which was a childhood fave.
Well, now that I've bored you all with my music ramblings, I will let someone else indulge. I just felt the need to chronicle all this record buying somewhere...
How's that for a new post?
Something New

There. I wrote it.

But, seriously, I haven't been in much of a mood for thinking up things to write down lately. I need to though. So, I'll just post a list of things I want to do:

I want to make plans for a road trip soon to go see Spirited Away, since it's now playing in Memphis and New Orleans. Unfortunately, my car's only plans right now are for a trip to the shop. That's, like, a couple of months or so of having it and not having any trouble with it or getting stranded anywhere in it until today. It's the best car I've ever had!

I want to do a 24-hour comic. It seems like something that'd be a good exercise for me, and perhaps something I need to try. It's just a matter of preparing for it, setting aside the time, gathering materials, and feeling up to a marathon of drawing. I want to try to do it sometime in the next week or two.

I want to plug the LunchBots Store here, since I haven't plugged it here yet.

I want to mention for anyone who hasn't noticed it yet, that the LunchBots Movie Production Diary lives on in the form of the LunchJournal, which has likely stolen away some of my attention from the Robot. I'm sorry, Robot.

I want a million dollars.

I want to find something media-related that will inspire me to write an article about it for We Like Media. Or maybe think of something to write about something I've already seen/read/heard/whatevered.

I want to see Steph in person again so we can get caught up on all those real-life hugs we've missed over the years.

I want to wish the Robot a belated happy birthday:

Saturday, October 19, 2002

New Topic

I got tired of looking at that (admittedly funny) topic over and over, so here's something new.

My dad's going to be here anytime now because he's insane.

I bought some new reccos at the used recco sto. Morphine's Cure for Pain (slowing re-building my Morphine collection--long story), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the original version (hoorah!), Danny Elfman's Music for a Darkened Theater Volume Two (I had volume one on tape, but now I gotta get it on CD so I don't look like a half-wit), and Bob Dylan's Bob Dylan, to help begin my 60s revolution. I'm adding Bob to my list of 60s artists whose albums I will buy. Right now it's The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, and Simon and Garfunkle (all of their stuff) along with some select things from The Beach Boys and, um, that may be it--and that Phil Spector box set I've been wanting. Since The Mnemonic Devices wouldn't exist without him anyway.

That's all. Thank me now. Or better yet, you write something new.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Red Draggin' My Butt Out To See This Movie

I saw Red Dragon. It wasn't bad, it may have even technically been approaching "good," but for some reason I thought it would be important or worthy or something. Instead, it was just something we've seen before (the three previous Hannibal-based movies) all rolled into one inferior ball. Read my review on We Like Media.

I'm going to see Stealing Harvard soon to wash it down.

Oh, and the cell phone rate around here for theaters is one cell phone ring every eight minutes. I simply don't understand that. I also don't understand why we have to pay five to ten dollars to watch TV commercials on the big screen for fifteen minutes before movies. Or why people in the audience seem to enjoy them.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Yo Yo Yo

Wow, happy birthday to the robot. Don't forget, Tommy: "Poor Omnibus 1800s. It's only on a one cent stamp."

About Tommy's offer. I already have, Steph... I already have...

I got real paid today, so in addition to getting the big burrito, I also got Beck. You like the album cover, but which one? I saw two. I bought the one with pink on the back, where you can see Beck's face better. I sat comparing them for five minutes before deciding. What's the deal with multiple covers these days? I think TV Guide started that a few years ago, when they'd put out four different covers for one week. They did it for The Beatles once.

I almost bought the Weezer EP in Austin, but I held off. I'll probably get it soon. I was like, "Eh, live... I can wait." I like that they named it after C.S. Lewis though (if they did).

Potty Stump.