Sunday, September 29, 2002

hey hey hey

Jason--Thank you for the virtual hug on livejournal. I really needed that. Hugs back.

Tommy--you are too flattering. ;) Conversation with you was a pleasure. But I'm in DC, now, not Boston. *Sigh.*

Rusty--You should take Tommy up on his offer. Whatever he meant.

Everyone I haven't met in person--I'd like to meet you some day! Maybe in the future, when enough good bands go to Austin at the same time and we can all meet and go to concerts together. How swell would that be?

Aside--Ooh, I've heard bits of Preston School of Industry too, it's very good. But this is my favorite album lately: Thought for Food, by The Books, a band I only read reviews of because I liked its name. I dunno why, but the album really grabs me. Especially the song Motherless Bastard. Though, um, I'm not sure that the blurb on the page I was sending ya'll to makes much sense.
Happy Late Birthday, Blog.

We've been blogging here for over a year. Happy Birthday, Robot. Our happy gang has changed a bit and most of us are different locations, but we're here. I'm glad that we are, too. This is a happy little blogger, I must say. And we've said some nice things about each other, too. Well, I'm always up for updates...

Jason Bell...You have indeed made many a trip to Memphis in the last year. I'm glad you have/did. You are a good friend to have. I do like your artwork alot and I hope you keep me around for a little while longer.

Liza...That Burger King site still rules. I hate that you are in Austin and miles away, but I know that's where you need to be. Your Popeye figure and humor will always have a special place in my heart. I love you.

Stephanie...You are the smartest person I have ever known. Rephrase: You are the smartest person who has ever humored me by having a conversation with me. You have the bestest smile and I know that Boston is a brighter place because of your presence. are, Teela. Poof poof. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, nobody told me it was train. In the beginning...NGAWD. You can come over to my house for the weekend. Why don't you get in the bed with me? I'll be your daddy...your sugar daddy. Diddy getcha diddy? You don't need to be no baby's daddy; that baby's mine. Yethir. Giddy gitchaw geedir getty bikkit. Sounds like a wonner to me. I should like a basket of sheeps. Why don't you eat a candro bar out of my ass? And maybe a Doctro Pepper. And we're waiting for some calls...

Thursday, September 26, 2002

I Have the Power!

You think you're an idiot? You are, Teela.

I thought there was only one season of The Young Ones. Like six episodes. Guess I was wrong. Rick was always my favorite, the anarchist.

Beck. Beck rhymes with paycheck, which is when I'll get the new Beck album. I heard he was some sort of a songwriter, yes. And Weezer also too. If it were a real album, I'd have just sold my blood or something, but I can wait on a live track EP.

I have yet to get all the Pavement spinoffs, but I'll get the Preston School soon. I wanna compare Spiral Stairs to S.M. Jenkins. I like Stephen Malkmus's record the more I hear it, oddly. It's one of the few "catchy" albums that get better with age. It's a neat trick. The first time, it was like, "Eh, it's catchy enough, but catchy can only last so long," but then it's like the "deepness" of the catchiness grew with each listen. That's magic, baby.

Anyone play The Sims around here? I do, I do.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I don't sleep, I dream...

...I wish. I thought I had many interesting things to say now, but I have discovered that I am an idiot and really have nothing right now. I'll post anyway, just because you all love to hear from me once on a while.

I am collecting the new He-Man and The Masters of the Universe figures. This is something I grew up with and I like the new series and toys. I'm going to try to get them all.

I got The Young Ones on DVD. So far, I've only watched Series One, but will see Series Two by the end of the week. I loved this show when it aired on MTV in the mid 80s, although I had no idea what it was on about. I've always seemed to have an attraction for all things British, but do not share the love of Monty Python like so many of my American brethren. I like them, but they are just not the only British comedy to be seen. Then there's Benny Hill...My affintity for jolly old Elngland was proven today at work when I noticed a fellow's John Ottway shirt. He was bowled over that I actually knew who John was. I'll let you look that one up on your one, if you're interested.

The new Beck record has impressed me, so far. Beck is a songwriter, in case you didn't know. Expect a full review on We Lie Media very soon. I was also lucky enough to get the new live Weezer ep. It's funny and good. Weezer rocks. Back to Beck: I really like the cover. Speaking of covers, I picked up a CD this weekend based solely on the cover. It's Preston School of Industry. The name of the record is All This Sounds Gas. My next question: Rusty, why don't you have this? Go out and get it. It brings the good. And if Rusty already owns this, then good. Two words: Spiral Stairs.

Have fun, kiddies.
I am feeling nostalgic for the days when I only posted pictures.

Monday, September 23, 2002

another scary dream

Last night, I dreamt I had a mullet.

(No offense, o mulleted ones. It's just So. Not. Me.)

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Weird, but pretty typical considering it was a dream.

I had a dream that one of my students was pelting me with small, round dinner rolls. I was covered with syrup so the dinner rolls stuck to me. I responded by squirting my student in the face with yellow mustard. I was very upset. At the end of the dream, I found my brother in bed, tangled in blue sheets, covered in blood. My mother lurked in the corner, crying. I still had dinner rolls all over me.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

i had a weird dream too

So I was dreaming that my roommate (who kept morphing between my roommate now, and one of my former roommates) and I were moving into our new house. My roommate let a police officer in to interrogate one of his suspects, who was mob connected or something, somehow we both knew. The officer needed our basement, for some reason. So showed him down.

After awhile, my roommate and I were wondering what happened to him, because we hadn't heard from him in awhile. My roommate went downstairs and screamed. She ran up and said she found the officer's dead body, stuffed into my iguana's new big cage.

I was too scared to go down. My biggest fear is being framed for a murder I didn't commit.

It was not a terribly good dream.

Friday, September 20, 2002

I Got Shot

I guess that theory about you not being able to die in your own dreams isn't true, since I got killed in mine the other day.

Some dude pulled up outside my folks' house and asked where my parents were, and I said inside, and he kind of smiled and said he guessed I didn't know what he was there for and I said no, and he said, "Let's just say, someone's getting these handcuffs, and someone else is getting this gun," and he pulled out a gun. Then he walked inside the house.

It took me a while to process that he wanted to rape Mom and murder Dad, but when I did I ran inside straight for him as if I were going to knock him down or something. I think I had my fist out in front of me as if to punch him in the stomach, but then he shot me directly in the heart. I remember thinking first, "I'm dying. I thought this wouldn't happen," and that sort of rejection of the facts that I imagine always happens when someone gets shot, and then I thought, "How selfish of me. I wasn't trying to save my parents. I just didn't want to see them hurt, and now they have to see me hurt and get hurt themselves." And then I died. And didn't wake up. The dream went on to something else after.

So, a fun dream. It wasn't scary or horrible, believe it or not. It didn't hurt much either.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

For those who love Buffy more than me, I offer this, from my e-mail box:

Call for Papers: The Buffyverse pre and post Millennium (10/12/02)

Contributions are sought for an edited edition of critical essays to be published in The Refractory, an e-journal from the University of Melbourne, Australia's Cinema Studies School in January 2003. The collection will seek to explore the aesthetic (style, performative modes), cultural (apocalyptic themes, magik, supernatural), social (teen, mall life) political (feminist, critique of American life) themes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including the musical episode, and spin off series Angel, and related industry products and people. Critical essays arguing against Buffy and her universe are welcome, as are fan invested critiques.

The Refractory is a peer-reviewed electronic publication that develops research into, and theoretical analysis of, the contemporary cinema, television, and new media and its connections to earlier cinema traditions, optical devices and technologies.

Essays should be between 3000-6000 words in length. Submissions are encouraged to make creative use of html format, otherwise should follow MLA guidelines. The deadline for completed essays is December 10, 2002.

Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words to the editor via email by October 12, 2002:

Felicity J.Colman
Cinema Studies
School of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology
The University of Melbourne Victoria 3010 Australia

Friday, September 13, 2002

A GREAT band name...

I think From Tonight is a great band name. Who wants to join From Tonight?

Tommy Bandman
I wish they all could be California bright green pleasure machines...

Hey! Remember me? I'm that guy who plays in that rock band. The last time I was around here, me and Rusty got into some pseudo-spiritual debate over rock music. Fun times!

Some stuff I'm listening to right now: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel...Okay. I'm an old folkie. Sue me. I like the acoustic guitars and nice melodies. The thing is, I prefer Joni's jazzier stuff. I like Bob's later rockier stuff. Simon and Garfunkel had abandoned the traditional folk thing by their third album, but I suppose they held on to quite a bit of that.

I got the UHF DVD. Weird Al is funny and this DVD is proof. It's loaded with the funny. The commentary tracks alone make it worthy. For all fans of Weird Al and Michael Richards: do yourself a favor and get this disc.

I just wrote possible the best song of my entire songwriting career. I usually stumble over the lyrics, but this one happened. I never like my own songs. This one is called "Burning Bridges." I even like the title. I get easily embarrassed over my tunes. Maybe I just opened a new door. Maybe all this folk music is starting to have an effect on me. Although, I can honestly say that this is a true song for the rock stylings of Lately David. I've had a bit of following in our recent direction in that I tend to write these poppy, sappy tunes. Danny writes this edgy stuff. I've just written a rock classic. It's not "Born To Run," but it'll do, pig. (Of course, tomorrow, I'll recognize it for the piece of shit it probably is and know that it won't matter.)

I'm restless right now. It may be because I found out that I have a permanent job at Graceland as opposed to being seasonal, as I thought I was. I like my job, so this is a good thing. I feel like John Merrick must have felt when he found out that he had a permanent home at the hospital, but I also know that this means I have to get an apartment and stuff. I want to write and record a pop masterpiece. I want to paint something. I want to make a great film. I feel like a ton of creativity is inside and is bursting forth. Maybe this is the reason the new song came out pretty good. Restless. That's what I am right now.

Tommy DePalma

Thursday, September 12, 2002

... a joke in your town

I hope everyone remembered the special day: Brian DePalma's birthday.

Thursday, September 05, 2002


Actually, the guy won $280,000, which inspired the look even more. And I taped it today, so if anyone would like to drive to Texas, you can watch it with me.
Thoughts of Tom

Ah, little Tommy Green. He's popular again.

When I saw his character for Stealing Harvard, I thought, "I bet he's trying to look like the guy from American Movie," and Tom just confirmed it on an E! special.

Tom Green's MTV Diary was funny. It makes me feel good to see him with Derek Harvie and Glen Humplik. Buddies. I like people who stay buddies.

They've been showing The Tom Green Show on MTV this week, and it makes me remember that he's still the funniest guy alive right now. One of the few people ever that I like to call "important comics," like Andy Kaufman and Lenny Bruce. Where it's not even quite comedy what they're doing (as many Tom Green haters would quickly say).

But the best moment of all the Stealing Harvard promotion was from Jason Lee. It was on the Comedy Central Canned Ham show, and they shot some of it on a horse betting track. Jason Lee was talking to some old guy there and said, "What's the biggest win you've ever had?" The guy said, "The biggest win I ever had was $131,000." And Jason Lee gave this look to the camera which said "I wasn't expecting that/Good Lord, that's a lot of money/Can you believe that?/Hey, whaddaya think of that?/I'm not even going to respond to the guy, but just look at the camera/cameraman/TV audience/whoever is on the crew." I've been thinking about it for two days.

Monday, September 02, 2002

Update on the Current Crisis

The Pearl Sack & Save store is evil. They haven't had any Stewart's drinks for like a year or so now. Found some Stewart's Orange & Cream at a gas station on the way home from Memphis today, but the search still continues for a local supplier.

Taco Bell Hybridizations

What's that town between Jackson and Cleveland, MS, where they have that Taco Bell & KFC combo? Noby should go there and be freaked out by that, too.