Saturday, April 12, 2003

War. Hunh. Good god, y'all. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing... except maybe for stopping evil genocidal dictators who torture and murder lots and lots of innocent people.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I do realize that the current situation and the real reasons and events leading up to it are far more complicated and morally, politically, and legally controversial than that. I just couldn't resist the joke, given the topic of the discussion and my cynical nature.)

That "Have You Forgotten" song made me genuinely confused. I was like, "What the hell kind of anti-war protestors has this guy been listening to? He's responding to nonsensical arguments that people aren't even making..."

Rusty, you must be psychic or something, seeing as how the whole lame-pro-war-country-songs vs. lame-anti-war-rock-songs thing got brought up on South Park the next day.

Agreed on your point about The Daily Show. I liked that bit Jon Stewart said the other night: something along the lines of how if you can't feel the least bit happy that the Iraqi regime is no longer opressing the people, you're hopelessly lost to the extreme left, and if you can't understand that it's bad that it had to come about through war, you're hopelessly lost to the extreme right.

And on a more non-serious note...

You know what I wish someone would invent? I wish there were some kind of method for manually raising and lowering the windows in a car. For all those inevitable times when the electric motors or wiring or window switches stop working, which almost always seems to happen on the front driver's side door. If only they could start putting devices like that in new cars, that'd be great. Someone should try to figure out how to make that work. Maybe that guy who created the Segway scooter is smart enough to think of a way.

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