Sunday, April 13, 2003

Rusty the Psychic / Rusty Just Agrees with Jason Again

Ding dong, the witch is dead anyone?

I noted the South Park thing. The best song, of course, from that episode was Cartmans "Cause I hate Stan and Kyle... I really hate those guys..."

I also noted the Daily Show thing. I meant to write his quote here (since I'd taped it--it saves me having to sit through ten minutes of commercials to just watch it after it's over... which is what I'm doing for most of my shows--I'm my own Tivo). I felt psychic again when he said that after I'd commented, since it was the perfect representation of that balance that I love.

I suppose this isn't an entirely new thing to hate, but I really do hate when people can easily just pick their "sides" because they already know which side they're on and what the rules for that side are: this goes beyond politics, of course, and extends to clothes to wear, wallpaper to hang, books to read, music to listen to, cars to buy, etc. etc. etc. Just kind of a dull way to live, believing there are things to do and not do based on some little group you want to be in.

Back in the days of manual windows, I was a lot faster at rolling them down than the electric kinds are. I kind of like the one-time push-to-slide-down feature, but when I have to actually hold the button and wait for it to slide up, it's an impatient agony. "Jeez, take one and one half seconds, why don't you?"

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